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Fans of Virtual Reality and creation in an intuitive and comfortable virtual environment will love SineSpace, the virtual world created by Adam Frisby.
Adam is an expert on VR, having been very active on ActiveWorlds, Blaxxxun, Microsoft’s Virtual Worlds and Second Life.
In Second Life®, a familiar environment, he founded Azure Island to purchase private regions and Sine Wave Animations, giving life to the well-known dance animations that we have used and appreciated for years.
SineSpace is his first creation in the VR, a virtual world still in Beta version, but already trendy and used for the production of environments and original content.
A week ago I decided to explore SineSpace, having seen several captivating videos that showed a detailed and incredibly realistic world.
Who knows Second Life® will not find particularly challenging to understand how SineSpace works: just download the appropriate viewer, enter your credentials after registering for an account and access your region, offered free of charge by Sinespace to all registered users.
The first goal of SineSpace is to offer a completely free space: it is a region that you can customize through the creation tools I will talk about in a moment.
Another important goal is the customization of the Avatar: every detail of the face and body can be modified through slides, and the skin can be changed by choosing from the options offered within the same SineSpace Shop.
Let’s proceed with order!


Registering an Account

To register an account, you must go to the registration page.
Here is a valuable video tutorial that will guide you step by step in registering your first account on SineSpace.

Also handy is the video of Strawberry Singh that will pleasantly guide you to register your new Account.

If you intend to create within SineSpace, I suggest you join the Creators program, you can do it from the registration page.

Downloading the Viewer

After you have registered your account, it will be useful to download the viewer. It is not mandatory because you can access the virtual platform even using your browser (I, for example, use Chrome). However, you should definitely use the viewer to get the most out of your SineSpace.
Once again Berry’s video can help since also explains the phase of downloading and installing the appropriate Viewer.

How to walk, jump, fly, teleport and move the camera

A first problem you encounter when entering a virtual world that is unfamiliar to us is how to walk, jump, fly, visit different regions through teleportation and move the camera around.
Here’s the mystery!
How to walk, jump, fly, teleport and move the camera in SineSpace.
This precious page of the FAQs is of great help not only in understanding how to carry out the activities just mentioned but also in exploring other opportunities including buying and creating outfits, taking pictures, chatting, using voice chat, making payments, etc.
A page, therefore, to be saved in the favorites bar because you’ll consult it often.
In case you do not find an answer to the question you are looking for, you can contact SineSpace directly by opening a ticket.

Customize the look of your Avatar

Change dress

A first way to customize the look of your Avatar is by changing your clothes.

New clothes can be purchased directly from the SineSpace Shop using the Silver coin. In some cases, it is possible to buy only by spending the Golden currency, which can be purchased inside the virtual platform with the real currency. If you already know that you will not purchase Golden money to buy outfits in SineSpace, you can use the filter to find out which items you can only buy with Silver.

Changing the physical appearance

Customizing your Avatar is easy through the use of slides. The various parts of the body can be adapted to your needs and taste with great simplicity. Here there are no complicated mesh heads and bodies, just act on the sliders to appreciate the benefits of detailed customization of your appearance.

Virtual currency

Silver is the virtual currency of SineSpace through which you can buy items in the shop. Some of these items, however, can only be purchased through the Golden, currency exchangeable for real money. The payment methods accepted are many, including PayPal, credit card and phone credit from mobile.

Customize your home

Another immediate need you’ll encounter is to customize your home environment.
This section explains step by step how to proceed.

Create and sell

In SineSpace you can create your own objects and sell them in the shop.
Creation takes place in the Unity® Game Engine.


In this first introductory article, I only explored “the first steps” to SineSpace, as there is much to say and share. I just add that the realism that this virtual world offers is impressive and exciting, providing the best possible experience for photography lovers. SineSpace offers several valuable photo enhancement tools, all already integrated into the viewer (no need to buy anything specific).
SineSpace is VR friendly.

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