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I am thrilled to extend an invitation to an extraordinary event that promises to be a visual and auditory feast. On November 18th at 1 pm SLT, the Dixmix Art Gallery Lounge will come alive with the mesmerizing photo exhibition, “Play me a Memory,” by the exceptionally talented Catherine Nikolaidis. This unique showcase will not only feature Catherine’s captivating black and white photographs but will also be accompanied by the soul-stirring music of Dixmix.

Catherine Nikolaidis, a seasoned Second Life resident since February 8, 2007, is not just a photographer but a visionary artist and blogger manager associated with studiOneiro & Consent. Having had the privilege of interviewing her in 2021, I was immediately captivated by her work.

Catherine’s ability to play with shadows, masterfully express signals and intensity, and infuse subtle yet detailed complexity into her creations is truly mind-blowing. She brings forth contrast, tones, shapes, texture, and composition in harmonious synchrony. Her black and white photographs carry powerful messages, each frame resonating with style, grace, sensuality, beauty, and allure.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Catherine’s personality shines through her work. Her love for music, a profound source of inspiration, is evident in the emotions she conveys through her photos. Her images speak of sensuality, senses, love, and the pursuit of capturing perfect moments and expressing dreams.

What sets Catherine apart is not just her artistic brilliance but her commitment to making the world a better place. She possesses the rare gift of seeing art everywhere, transforming our virtual existence into a canvas of positivity.

In our 2021 interview, Catherine shared glimpses of her artistic journey. Her life without art, she expressed, would be akin to a soundless, colorless, tasteless existence. Music serves as her guiding light, often inspiring entire images. For Catherine, art is about moods, sensuality, senses, feelings, love, moments, and dreams. Her artistic process is fluid, driven by unexpected angles and interesting lights.

Catherine’s mantra, “Be Free,” encapsulates her artistic philosophy. While she finds solace with loved ones regardless of the location in Second Life, she appreciates good music and admires the creativity of sim builders.

The interview delves into Catherine’s motivations, her views on art, her inspirations, and her quest to create a better world through artistic expression. Her commitment to conveying messages of positivity and unity is truly inspiring.

Join us on November 18th, 1 pm SLT, at Dixmix Art Gallery Lounge for an immersive experience that transcends the virtual realm. Let Catherine Nikolaidis take you on a journey of emotions and memories through her lens. Thank you, Catherine, for bringing the beauty of Black & White photography to our Second Life!

Curator: Dixmix Source
Violet Boa PR Representative

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