Propagation VR (2020), the short VR survival horror game launched on PC VR headsets last year, is getting a sequel called Propagation: Paradise Hotel.

During Upload VR’s showcase, developer WanadevStudio unveiled the upcoming sequel, which promises to be an “intense VR survival horror adventure with thrilling storytelling, in which you will explore dark environments, make terrifying encounters and get your adrenaline pumping.”

WanadevStudio says the sequel will be a single-player adventure taking place in the Propagation universe, which will serve up a story that focuses on exploration, stealth, and action. And plenty of zombies and mutants.

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Propagation VR launched for free on Steam back in September 2020, garnering it an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ user rating on the platform for its visceral zombie-shooting experience.

Wanadev estimates a late 2022 release on SteamVR headsets for Paradise Hotel. The studio hasn’t mentioned whether the game is coming to other platforms besides SteamVR, however it has done so with its previous title Ragnarock (2021), a Viking-themed rhythm game launched for both SteamVR and Oculus Quest.

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