Realism and naturalness in the Paragon’s Animations in Second Life

I recently discovered Paragon‘s dance animations by visiting the pages of some YouTubers whose channels I am subscribed to.

The Youtuber who really made me want to buy a full pack from Cosmopolitan is вᴏʟʟу ᴄᴏᴄᴏ. Her way of highlighting the animations in her videos is enchanting. For this reason, I propose them also in this post: you can find the link to the videos in the table of contents at the beginning of the post or by merely scrolling this post down.

Before I went to Cosmopolitan, I visited Paragon’s inworld store, where I tried several dance animations. In the end, the full pack that I chose is Sara Jazz Funk Dance, which is on sale at Cosmopolitan at 20% discount: the cost is, therefore, L $ 1200 for the full pack. I leave you the link for direct teleport → Paragon’s Animations at Cosmopolitan.

After the purchase, as the first buyer, Paragon creator ๖̶̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ ζ͜͡- Johnny (jnakagawa) sent me two very welcome gifts.

I’d like to spend a few words on Paragon’s animations, even if I’m not an expert in the animations sector.

The main reason that pushed me to buy the full pack is the naturalness and realism of these animations. Undoubtedly among the reasons for the success of the Paragon brand, there is also the beauty of the proposed dances, but I believe that the ability to make the virtual dance look like a real dance is the main reason for the success of this brand.

We realize that the people who work at Paragon are experts in the sector. In fact, as soon as they arrived at the shop, a welcome message appeared in the local area, explaining how the people who work on this virtual animation project are choreographers and dancers expert in real life.

As always, all references are at the bottom of the post.

Paragon’s Sara Jazz Funk Dance | My YouTube Video

Paragon’s Sara Club Groove | Bolly Coco Youtube Video

Paragon’s Anastasia EDM Groove Pack | Bolly Coco Youtube Video

Paragon’s References

Oema Pralou

Oema Pralou


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