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If you make videos or other projects that require background music, you will have realized that YouTube, Facebook, and many other Socials have implemented algorithms that control your media processing in advance. Among other controls, the algorithms are designed to devote a lot of attention to music.
If you choose music for your project protected by copyright (as with all known musicians), Youtube/Facebook and other Socials will disable your audio content. The result will be a silent video for your listeners.
Besides, you will have the unpleasant feeling of having wasted time, because you will have to rework the video by choosing new music. It may seem a minor problem, but when your project includes several multimedia contents processed to your content, redoing the audio is not a quick operation. On the contrary.
So I decided to save precious time by doing my own audio projects, using my musical knowledge and some programs for creating music.
If you like my mp.3, you can download them freely from my Reverbnation profile, or directly from VIRTUALITY in the section “Royalty Free Music.
The first song I propose is “Drink To The Sparrow.”
Here are the song features.

Drink To The Sparrow – Characteristic

  • length: 4:59 minutes
  • style: easy listening
  • genre: pop
  • instruments: 2 piano types, violin.

Drink To The Sparrow: listen and download

Note: to download just click at the top right of the player above → click to the arrow pointing downwards.

Credits To Insert In Your Project: “Drink To The Sparrow”, Composed and Arranged by Oema (

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