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Hello and welcome to the July round of equal10!

This month there are some interesting new features that I’m sure will get you as excited as I am. In the first part of this video, I will introduce you to my favorite clothes, animations, hair, and skins. Of course, there are many more at the event, so I always suggest you go and see for yourself. Your taste might be very different from mine!
In the second part of the video, I will introduce you to the items I have selected that are different from clothes. For example, decorative or furnishing items.
Let’s start with clothes! I would remind you that you can jump to the brand you prefer by simply clicking on the link in the description for the brand you are interested in. Chapters are used to allow you to skip the parts of the video that don’t interest you and get straight to the point you’re looking for. OK, let’s get on with the first item of clothing.

If you like the beach and maybe take some photos, I recommend this great Lunar outfit that I present to you along with the Lyrium static poses. I think the Lunar-Lyrium combination is a winner because Lunar clothes often go well with Lyrium animations; there are so many different colors and combinations. I had fun taking this picture, which you can find on my Flickr.

A nice melody

Ok, let me show you another swimming costume that I like a lot and that I use often: the brand is Seniha and the swimming costume comes in many different colors. Moreover, you can add, if you want, the cover-up that you can choose among different beautiful patterns. The pose I have chosen in this case is by Sweet Art.
Now let’s leave aside the swimming costumes for a moment and let’s see sportswear that I am sure you will like a lot. The brand is Yasum and I remind you that, besides the top and the trousers, you will find also the perfect bag for your daily jogging! Again, you can customize your outfit by choosing from a variety of colors.
Again, I had fun taking a photo.

📷 Run

Keeping with the summer theme, the next outfit I present is by Miwas. This combination of top and trousers is very summery, and again you can choose from lots of colors to suit your creativity. The pose I chose is from Lyrium.
OK, now let’s leave clothes aside for a moment and talk about hair. This long hair, which is worn to the side behind the ear with a nice clip, is from Rama Salon. There are so many colors, it’s impossible not to find what you need and with the styler hud you can customize your look in relation to the clothes you have chosen. I’m using a Sweet Art pose.
Now let’s see something different. If you like dancing and sexy clothing, you’ll love this Ghoul bodysuit. I’m showing it to you with a dance animation because I find it perfect for a movement video.
Finally, as far as clothing is concerned, the last set I’m showing you is from V.C.LAB. Here you can really indulge in the choice of both the type of clothing you prefer and the colors. Here are some examples of how you can customize these beautiful outfits. I am showing you these outfits using Lyrium poses.
Now let’s move on to items other than clothing. Black Sand has created this beautiful furniture set showing hanging clothes. These are items that you can find in every home, so you will love using them, especially if you love grunge style like me.
Lavish created this set perfect for photographs with coffee cups in hand. There are a million ways to use it in a photo, I’m sure you’ll find yours.
Speaking of decorating clothes but this time with a feminine twist, I think Movement is the choice for you. It’s summertime and maybe you feel like decorating your home with some hanging swimwear, or you feel like taking a photo of yourself holding some swimwear – there you go!
If you like to show that you’re moving or need to decorate a region with some boxes or parcels that give the idea of moving, here you go! These moving boxes from Atelier Burgundy are just what you need!
Finally, to decorate your home, this set from Fancy Decor with a coffee table, two lights, a mirror, and a stand is the style to suit every creative choice you can make!

And that’s the end of this video, if you found it useful please leave me a like, and if you think videos like this will help you in the future, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!
See you in the next video 🙂

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