From the same creators of SmartBot, SpeedLight was born that allows you to enter Second Life using a simple web browser.

You can keep your Avatar online 24 hours a day and always have your message history at your disposal; you can also use SpeedLight from your smartphone or tablet and switch from one device to another without logging out. Some SpeedLight features are free, while others are paid for.

Let’s see in detail what are the free features. They are, in my opinion, enough for those who want to access Second Life through their mobile phone or directly through their web browser when it’s necessary doing something fast that does not require the three-dimensionality of Second Life.

What are the main functions of SpeedLight? They are:

  • the possibility to teleport to a specific location by using a SLURL;
  • the ability to see the map and those close to it;
  • the ability to search for an SL resident by typing their name;
  • the possibility to access the local chat;
  • the ability to read and send messages;
  • the opportunity to see groups;
  • the ability to access groups;
  • the ability to see your inventory and put it in order even by deleting items;
  • the ability to send items that are present in your inventory to other residents;
  • the ability to send money.

Some features that are unique to SpeedLight are:

  • keep your Avatar online while your browser is closed;
  • watching the message history even while the Avatar is offline;
  • keep and see your transactions.

SpeedLight also gives you the ability to send messages to multiple people at once and send notices to groups.

Looking at the comparison between the free plan and the Gold one, we quickly realize that even the free plan is convenient.

The free plan differs from the Gold plan only by the fact that:

  • the free plan allows the Avatar to stay online for up to one hour while the Gold plan allows unlimited time.
  • The free plan also does not allow you to keep the Avatar online once the web browser is closed, while the Gold plan has this functionality.

The Gold plan allows messages to be sent to multiple people simultaneously, while the free plan does not have this feature active.

To create an account to access Second Life through SpeedLight, you must First create a SpeedLight account.

After that, you can add your SL account to SpeedLight.

You can add multiple avatars and not just one.

Then, the first thing to do is to create a SpeedLight account, through which you can access the main features of the site. The most important is the one that allows us to add our Avatar, and enter our username and password through which we log into SL.

Once we have added our Avatar, we will see the image of our SL profile. At this point, it will be possible to log into SL.

It is necessary to give our SL password, which, of course, involves knowing that we are giving our sensitive data to third parties. Considering that the Creator of SpeedLight is the same as SmartBot, I trusted and believe that this person is reliable, but of course, everyone provides their credentials at their own risk.

Once we logged in, at the bottom right, we can see a timer, which clearly shows us that we have one hour. After this hour, we will necessarily have to log out.

What is interesting, however, is that, once we have logged out, if we log in again, we have a chance to have another hour starting from the beginning. If, on the other hand, we want more time without having to worry about having to slog out and log in again, the best solution is to choose one of the paid plans.

At the end of this post, I leave all the useful references to see the free and paid conditions of SpeedLight and to know how to become a Gold user.

I want to point out that the feature of being able to see the 3D world through SpeedLight is currently not active yet.

Reading on their website, you will learn that they have already reached eighty percent of this goal so that this feature will be released as soon as possible.

If you decide to use SpeedLight, I recommend that you also create an account on discord and join the SmartBot group of discord. In fact, by entering this group, you can get assistance if you have problems using SpeedLight.

I think SpeedLight can be a great alternative to Lumiya, which, as we know, has no more updates available. We know that Lumiya has is still usable on smartphones is downloadable, even if not from Google Play Store (actually). However, no updates will be released in the future. I think SmartBot’s idea of creating SpeedLight is a winning one, especially at this time when there are no viable alternatives.

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