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Hello guys,

Like you know, for sure, you can find several high fashion and decor bloggers. They can help you with your shopping a lot: for example, I follow the “Forever Twenty One” Blog.

Maybe because the fashion blogger has a style that I love, perhaps because she realizes incredible pictures, I follow her, and I often buy items she promotes in her blog posts.

As you see, I’ve just bought two objects she’s promoted: the eyeglasses and the hair.
Clicking her blog post, we can see the credits and know fastly which store products the item we are interested in.
In my case, I love eyeglasses and hair.

Let’s start with hair; those are from Doux. Doux is a vast hair store, with many items to sell, so finding this particular hair is hard. But I want to see them in one minute, remember? So how can I do?

Using the Firestorm Viewer is easy. Go to World >> Search area >> Put the name of the item you see in the blog post, in my case, “Noah,” and click on “search.”

Now, you can right-click on the object and click on “teleport to,” but in locations like here where all the teleports go to the landing point, it won’t work. So, better to use ” lighthouses,” click on “show lighthouses” here.
And here you go, the lighthouses are these blue lines that show you where the item you want is. Fast? Easy? Yes, within one minute!

Now, let’s go to take our eyeglasses. It will be easier since the Random Matter store is much smaller than Doux.
So, teleport to Random Matter, go to World >> Search Area >> Type the name of your item, in my case, “rose” and click on search.
We have just found two objects with this name: gold and silver ones. They are near; here you can see the distance between you and the item you want.
Show lighthouses again and go to buy your eyeglasses!

As you see, this method is fantastic to find an object, especially in busy and spacious places, like events, to say.

I hope you guys this method will help you to find your items in the easiest possible way.

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See you at the next one!

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