I am in a timeless space. I can not say exactly when the time has stopped running down here, but I’m almost sure that there was an era when minutes, hours, days and years followed each other on a regular basis.

Creatures and futuristic giants have been immortalized in their grandeur and majesty, as they shared a solemn moment.

One of two other creatures offered a bright three to the other one, the same gorgeous tree that I can see above, solemnly protected by guards.

What exactly are these beings? What is this sounds intense world enough to mesmerize the soul?

Everything here seems hard if it wouldn’t be a cloud of smoke, thin, pale that insists with its repeated movement despite here time has stopped.

Because the weather here has stopped, there is no doubt.

Second Life
“Everywhere and nowhere” by Split Screen Installation Artist: JadeYu Fang

I have a thousand things to do, and I would like to move somewhere else, basically enough teleport, but I can not.

There’s something about this place, something that keeps me stop there.

Then I decided to walk a bit on these beams of light in motion that seem to ice.

And I stop, looking up.

And behold the magic … white and regular shapes appear, shrink and disappear and then reappear in a consistent and smooth movement.

The music accompanies me in this experience without end; eternal because of no time.

Like creatures in part to men and partly half man half horse they seem to live in this environment so strange in a natural way.

If I turn my gaze to the sky, it is a series of shapes, similar to humans, light, and movement.

It fascinates me that the time has stopped just for the creatures who were (or are they?) living, like the wind, the shapes, the colors, even the same floor … everything still moves. What happened here? What has stopped the Life? What has stopped (partly) time?

Who knows, maybe that tree light, which seems to be their God, He wanted to crystallize this moment of perfection and make it eternal.

“Everywhere and nowhere” by Split Screen Installation
Artist: JadeYu Fhang

“Everywhere and nowhere” by JadeYu Fhang

These are my thoughts by visiting the stunning art installation by Jadeyu Fhang, “Everywhere and nowhere.” Jade is an artist already well known for scoring stunning installations, including OpeRaAnxiEty to Metales.

The best way to see this installation is, in my opinion, “let soak.”

When you’re there, let yourself be overwhelmed by the images, the sounds, and lights.

The thoughts flow without effort: there is something in this seemingly senseless landscape that is in harmony with the human soul.

On this occasion, I wanted to shoot a little video to give my experience.



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