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In a beautiful location in Mainland, Bailywick, you can visit an elegant art gallery that hosts artists who have a varied style.

The structure hosting the artworks is extensive, and the landing point is at the dockside of the boats.

The night setting is striking, just like feeling the evening breeze on a summer night not too hot, late summer, I would say.

The tables with the chairs and the microphone on a small stage seem to remember the opening of the gallery, which hosted Melenda Mikael as a live singer and who “opened the doors” to the following exhibiting artists:





The Bailywick Art Gallery curators are John and Eleseren Brianna, famous for their significant commitment to diffusion of art in Second Life®.

Entering to the left, the first artist I meet is Kodymeyers Resident.

His pictures are black and white photos, where lighting is the characterizing element. The point that the artist chooses to put the lights on is the element that makes the difference, which distinguishes his work. Even in the photo of his profile, placed at the entrance of his performance, light is the distinctive element. For this artist, unfortunately, there is no bio, so I cannot add more. For more information, I invite you to read the artist profile I previously linked to.

Kody Meyers’s Exhibition

Entering the right you can explore the photos of GlitterPrincess Destiny, she is also a black and white lover photographer. In this case, however, light has a less decisive role than the previous artist, and the context gives value and sense to the image.

You can view other works by this artist by visiting her Flickr profile.

GlitterPrincess Destiny’s Exhibition

Upstairs, immediately to the left, we know Solana Python.

Black and white is also the protagonist in these artworks that love to capture detail, focus on a particular, making it the protagonist of the scene.

For this artist there is the bio, which I carry in full:

I was introduced early in my life to the world of art. In high school, I took the Arts and Science Course Since then I have completed other Art classes.

I began taking my photography seriously in 2011 since then I have explored my surroundings and the world around me through my camera. Many of my photos were taken locally and even in my backyard

My work is a photographic extension of my interests and hobbies.

You will see my interests in Nature, landscapes, water, wildlife. I also shoot a lot of still life. Quite often my moods influence my work as you will see when you view them.

The most common comment I have received from viewers and other artists is ” You have an excellent eye.” I use a variety of techniques to arrive at a piece I am pleased with. Some of these include black and white, sepia and digital art.

I have sold many copies of my work online; I also sell greeting cards with my work printed on them. My most recent  real life print sale was to an Art Collector in NYC and MN.

In the past, I have done a Cat Series. I am presently working on a  Music Series as well as Barn and Country Series  to show my more rustic side.

IN second life I am presently working on a Music series where I go out and listen to a performer and create while listening. The Inspired by series includes Lazarus Doghouse, Agusto Napoli, Beth Odets. Strum Diesel and MarqsDeSade.

I would consider myself a successful photographer if my work opens new doors to you and puts you in touch with nature and our world.

I hope you have a chance to view my job and hang out and enjoy the sim.

Solana Python

Solana Python’s Exhibition

Finally, on the right side up the stairs, we meet Lulyboop.

The photos of this artist are always well defined, rich in details describing the scene. Exposed images are also black and white. Again, in this case, you can read her bio:

My biggest passion in Second Life is photography.

For about two years, the photography allows me to communicate my thoughts, my emotions, to tell histories and SL gives me the ideal setting to do all this.

Often, images come into my mind along with the music, and I let myself be carried away by it as I try to express my imagination.

In the last year, photoshop allowed me to expand my ability to express myself through pictures, and I intend to learn more about this tool because they are not interested in capture SL as it is (not always) but use the virtual world to give space to my imagination.

SL consider my gym and photography in the metaverse is a small daily exercise that teaches me to be happy about what I do, without being overwhelmed by the fear of judgment.

My adrenaline is the awareness to have still much to learn.

Lulyboop’s Exhibition

The Gallery with the newly-featured artists will remain open until the end of August.

SLurl Detail

Bailywick Gallery

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