Today we’re going to see how to do a live broadcast using a free program called Streamlabs Obs. Streamlabs Obs is a program that, unfortunately, currently exists only for Windows. Still does not exist neither for Linux nor for Mac, so if you have Mac or Linux, you have to necessarily use another free program like OBS.

The two programs that are typically used for live broadcasting are Streamlabs Obs, the program that I use for free, but available just for Windows and OBS Studio that is also free. Still, it exists and is available both for Windows, Mac and also Linux.

I use Streamlabs Obs; that’s why it’s that, in my opinion, it’s simpler, or at least it’s simpler for my needs. It allows me to work on more layers precisely as I do when I create an image in Photoshop.

Actually, this also does OBS Studio, but the way Streamlabs Obs does it is more straightforward. Perhaps even more intuitive.

My Video Tutorial on Youtube – English Subtitles

Lingua parlata: Italiano – English Subtitles

How to use OBS Studio to Record or Live Stream Second Life

Strawberry Singh’s Video Tutorial – English

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