In the enchanting world of virtual dance, where movement and music intertwine, the Muse Dance Co invites you to embark on a transformative experience like no other. On the 16th of July at 9 am SLT, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Akijima in The Akipelago, prepare to be captivated by “Symphonic Tales,” a spellbinding performance that transcends the boundaries of art and touches the depths of the human soul.

At its core, “Symphonic Tales” is a celebration of the human experience, an ode to the intricate tapestry of emotions that make us who we are. The performance unravels the essence of healing, inviting us to journey through pain, joy, vulnerability, and resilience. Through a seamless fusion of movement and music, Muse Dance Co unearths the transformative power of embracing both our ordinary human selves and our higher consciousness.

To fully immerse oneself in the immersive spectacle of “Symphonic Tales,” the Muse Dance Co kindly requests the audience to refrain from open chat and applause until the entire performance concludes. This collective silence enables a profound connection between the audience and the performers, allowing the unspoken language of dance to reverberate and resonate throughout the virtual realm.

In order to enhance the atmospheric ambiance and provide a visually cohesive experience, attendees are requested to set their Sun to midnight and remove all face lights. These preparations ensure that every dancer’s graceful movement and each intricate detail of the set design is unveiled in its truest form, creating an otherworldly visual feast.

Behind the captivating tapestry of “Symphonic Tales” stands the visionary director and choreographer, Anu Papp. With an illustrious portfolio and a profound understanding of the transformative power of dance, Anu Papp has crafted a mesmerizing world where movement and music merge seamlessly. Witness the magic unfold as she guides the Muse Dance Co through a symphony of emotions, bringing healing and transformation to life.

Prepare to be enraptured by the harmonious convergence of movement, music, and storytelling. “Symphonic Tales” by Muse Dance Co transcends the boundaries of virtual dance, inviting you to explore the depths of your own humanity, embrace your imperfections, and find solace in the healing power of art. Mark your calendars for the 16th of July, 9 am SLT, and join us at Akijima in The Akipelago for an unforgettable journey through the human experience.

Let the symphony begin.


Director and Choreographer: Anu Papp

Organizer: Haiku Quan
Owner of The Akipelago Islands: Akiko Kinoshi

Violet Boa, PR Representative

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