14 February 2021 – 12 PM SLT

12 PM SLT – Sucan Juel Live

01 PM SLT – DJ Doc Rast

Bar at Cambell Coast Artist Village Teleport

The Campbell Coast Artists Village

is home for the galleries of many amazing Artists Work.
Plan a bit of time and come wander you will feed your mind and soul.

Thank you Bjoyful, Doc Rast and Kitty for making such a warm welcoming place!

Artists include Anouk Lefavre, Audie Whimsy, Blues Rocker, BÓÒ, Caly Applewhyte, Ceakay Ballyhoo, Charles Hera, CybeleMoon, David Silence, Dhyezl, Dįmį Ļųdwįɠ, EtaMae, Gidgy Adagio, Giovanna Cerise, GoSpeed Rasere, Inara Pey, Jaz, Jed Luckless, John & Tempest Huntsman, Kat Heartsong, Kitty Mills, Larree Quixote, Lena Kiopak, Lexus Melodie, Michiel Bechir, Nym, Owl, Radagast Malaprop, Rey Charles, Shakti Adored, Skip Staheli, Suzen Juel, Thomaz Blackburn, Trixie Bumbo, Uli Jansma, Whimsical Aristocrat.

Full list and landmarks to individual galleries look here!

Mainland has never looked this good.

Rural Scottish coastal themed community living – sprawling into 9 Regions of breathtaking natural landscaping on the southern coast of the lovely Corsica Mainland Continent.” – Owl (owl.dragonash)

Artists Village feature space for 42 Artists to have their own Galleries. Campbell coast is part of the beatification of mainland. We are located on the continent of Corsica. Artists Village s part of 9 regions of landscaped beauty Owned by BeJoyful Resident & Doc Rastercan Landscaped by Kitty Mills.

Artists Village is curated by Owl Dragonash.

“Owl, Faun, Elf, Woman in Sl since 2007,
Unapologetic. Live Music fanatic, impressed by Art.
Believes Coffee and brains can save the world!”

More info on Owl´s Webseite

Art Promotion

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