Tetra Store is doing exciting deals and giving away beautiful group gifts. Today I’ve finally gone, and I am satisfied with my new outfits.

About deals, joining the group, you’ll have the benefit of 10% off on each color item, and 5% off on fatpacks. Entering the group costs 50L$, and it gives you immediate access to 5 excellent gifts (see the following picture for more details about them).

Most of all, starting from July 28th until August, 9th you’ll be taking advantage of a big deal: 50% off. Tetra Store celebrates 5 years old!

5 Group Gifts

  • Pyramid Jewerly Set
  • Appliers Lingerie Set
  • Diamond earrings
  • Feather Sandals
  • Anniversary Skirt (5 years birthday)
50% OFF and the anniversary gift
TETRA – Pyramid bracelet – L
TETRA – Feather sandals – Maitreya
TETRA – Pyramid earrings – L
TETRA – Pyramid earrings – R
TETRA – Anniversary skirt – Maitreya

Tetra Main Store (Teleport)

Tetra Main Store

Giveaway a gift card (1000 L$)

I am giving away a gift card for Tetra Store (value=1000 L$).

To apply, Share my Youtube Video, Subscribe to my Channel, and put your Second Life name in a comment (on Youtube).

My Youtube Video (Giveaway)

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