Welcome to The Akipelago, the most vibrant hub of Second Life’s thriving cultural scene. Comprising four interconnected sims – Akimitsu, Akijima, Akimori, and Akiniwa – The Akipelago offers a space for artists to collaborate, inspire each other, and develop their craft in a supportive and dynamic community.

At the heart of The Akipelago is its dedication to promoting and supporting artists. All tips received at its venues go directly to the artists, helping to fund their growth and development within the scene. This unique approach is made possible by the vision of its founder, Akiko Kinoshi, who built and owns the island, as well as the dedicated efforts of event director Haiku Quan and PR and promotion specialist Violet Boa.

Akiniwa – Photos by Dixmix

The Akipelago is a truly collaborative space, where artists from a range of disciplines come together to share their skills and passions. The island’s venues host a diverse range of events, including live music performances, DJ sets, art exhibitions, and poetry readings. The result is a melting pot of creativity and inspiration, where artists can experiment, learn from each other, and develop new ideas and approaches.

Kinkaku-Ji – Photos by Dixmix

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of The Akipelago is the impromptu collaborations that often occur on the spot. The island’s artists are encouraged to work together, inspiring each other to push the boundaries of their craft and create something truly unique. These spontaneous collaborations have resulted in some of the most exciting and innovative work to emerge from the Second Life cultural scene.

Kumanogawa – Photos by Dixmix

The Akipelago is more than just a venue for artists, it’s a home. A home where artists can feel free to be themselves, to create and experiment without fear of judgment. The supportive community at The Akipelago is what sets it apart from other cultural hubs in Second Life. Artists can find not only inspiration but also friendship and support, something that is invaluable in any creative endeavor.

Borderless – Hakone – Immergence – Photos by Dixmix

In addition to its thriving cultural scene, The Akipelago is also home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes in Second Life. The four interconnected sims offer a diverse range of landscapes, from lush forests to tranquil beaches, from towering mountains to tranquil lakes. Each sim is uniquely designed and meticulously crafted to create a truly immersive and awe-inspiring environment. It is a wonderful place for individuals and couples to visit and explore and hang out. There are many romantic nooks and spots to cuddle with loads of rides and interactive experiences.

Altai Mountians – Xiao Dai – Photos by Dixmix

Whether you’re exploring the winding paths of Akimitusu’s vibrant gardens, basking in the sun on the sandy beaches of Akijima, scaling the towering cliffs of Akimori, or gazing out at the tranquil waters of Akiniwa’s lake, The Akipelago’s natural beauty is sure to leave you breathless.

So if you’re looking for a place to not only inspire your creativity but also soothe your soul, The Akipelago is the perfect destination.

Make sure to add The Akipelago to your list of must-visit Second Life destinations. You won’t regret it. And don’t forget to check out the many galleries and art installations on the island!

* Sim-wide landscapes to visit using the Akipelago TP HUD provided in sim:

1) Akijima: Kinkaku-Ji, Okinawa, Kumanogawa, Zatira no Yume, Hokkano & Tengoku

2) Akimitsu: Hakone, Immergence, Borderless, Digital Dreams, Midori Misaki & Starry Night

3) Akimori: Xiao Dai, Gobi Desert( Clay&Seed), Altai, XSPACE & Kerupa’s World

4) Akiniwa: Thonis, Delos, Ayram,The Ballroom, Sabishiyama, Incal & 4 Mazes, Fujiyama

* Sim-wide art installations and galleries to visit using the Akipelago Galleries TP HUD provided in sim:

1) Akijima: Kinkakuji galleries and architecture – The Aurora Project at Hokkano

2) Akimitsu: Immergence – The Borderless Project – Digital Dreams – Midori Misaki

3) Akimori: Xiao Dai galleries and architecture – Galleria – Clay & Seed – XSPACE – Kerupa’s World

4) Akiniwa: Bamboo Barnes Gallery, Haiku Gallery, Carelyna Gallery, Incal & 4 Mazes, WildXia Gallery

*Akipelago Artists:

Bamboo BarnesLilia ArtisHaveit NeoxKerupa FlowRulie CisseCarelynaBetty TureaudXia Firethorn – Wild Alchemi – Haiku QuanGem PreizBlue TsukiBlaise Timtam – Thoth Jantsen – Mitsuko Kytori Elicio EmberSominel Edelman Lorin Tone – Serge Sonnino/Shoshisn ShilovaDelain Canucci – Royal Shippe & Akiko Kinoshi.

* Akipelago Performers:

Frank (SingerDonFranko), Lisa Brune, Tay, Rulie Cisse, Tia Rungray, Fly Kugin, Jeffah, Max Kleene, Steve Who, DJ Betty Boo, Delain Canucci, Kurk Mumfuzz, Venus Adored, Roxy Particles, 1Earthling Rang, Akiko Kinoshi, Dixmix Source, Nuvolino, DJ Carelyna, DJ Thoth, Blackpink, Babymetal, Hatsune Miku and the Anime Stars, JAMMM, hEIN, Bsukmet Sormcrow, Mavenn, Lluis Garcia, Kris Composer, Joaquin Gustav, Shamrock-D, Nikki Sundancer.

Come immerse yourself in the beauty of this amazing island and experience the magic for yourself!

Please, check The Akipelago – YouTube channel!

Take a look on some of the amazing events in The Akipelago:

The Beautiful Voice of TAY

Jeffah in the Akipelago

Frank in The Akipelago

LIGHTS OF LOVE – by Delain Canucci

Blackpink in The Akipelago

Lisa Brune in The Akipelago

The Akipelago

Violet Boa – The Akipelago PR

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