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Linden Lab announced a couple of days ago the important news of the sale of regions destined for events: their characteristic is that they can host events that involve the presence of a large number of people. In particular, the maximum number of people allowed for these reasons is 175. To enable this ambitious result, Linden Lab offers regions with significantly better performance than standard regions. The regions hosting events are mainly performing, offering an improvement in the functioning of scripts equal to 20%. The number of prims allowed should also be kept in mind: these regions have a maximum limit of 30k prims. Speaking of costs, Linden Lab is offering a $ 599 starting price at the launch. This price will be accessible until June 6, 2022. After this date, the price will rise to $ 899 per month.

To request one of these regions, you need to open a ticket. I leave below all the useful references at the bottom of the article. Now some considerations. First, the price is high. And this is true beyond the initial favorable conditions offered for the launch of the new product. This is why I believe these regions will be bought by people who want to do business on Second Life to earn to meet the related (high) costs that recur each month. In short, we will hardly see musical events, but shopping events will be more likely.

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The Event Regions – Featured NewsOpen a Ticket

Image Credits: Linden Lab.

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2 thoughts on “The event regions are here: details and some considerations

  1. Very true about the high cost. Probably, the target of this kind of regions are Institutions and regional actors (record companies, international research centers, multinationals, governments, politicians, etc.) and not we simple mortal humans ????

    1. Yeah, we’ll see ???? it would be so nice they became available also for everyone. People has so fantasy and good ideas

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