Tokyo, Japan – June 28, 2023 – Electroacoustic music artist Tia Rungray and ambient musician Yorihisa Taura have joined forces to present a riveting remix of Teppei Kitano’s track “Campagne”. The remix is titled “Bread (Yorihisa Taura . Tia Rungray Remix)”.

The original track, “Campagne”, is the brainchild of track maker Teppei Kitano. Having been active since 2013, Kitano is renowned for his solo project in which he provides vocals and plays all the instrumental parts. He is also recognized as a member of the alternative R&B unit, “City Your City”. The original “Campagne” is a surreal, poignant song sung in Japanese by Teppei, about bread that yearns to be consumed but goes unnoticed and uneaten.

While collaborating on the remix, Tia Rungray shared with Yorihisa Taura that his inspiration for the remix came from the brown sugar steamed bread that is a popular snack in Japan. Though Yorihisa did not expressly acknowledge that he grasped Tia’s vision, his contribution resulted in an audacious, atmospheric track that communicates profoundly.

The remix melds Tia Rungray’s avant-garde classical sensibilities with Yorihisa Taura’s ambient soundscapes to impart a mesmerizing and enthralling depth to Teppei Kitano’s “Campagne”. The collaboration showcases an amalgamation of diverse musical textures, delivering an immersive experience for listeners and amplifying the melancholic and surreal essence of the original song.

“Bread (Yorihisa Taura . Tia Rungray Remix)” is featured on an album which also includes remixes from other exceptional artists such as Kurashige and Soejima Takuma.
You can listen to it on Apple Music and YouTube as well as other major music streaming services.

パン (Yorihisa Taura .Tia Rungray Remix)

Teppei Kitano – Bread (Yorihisa Taura .Tia Rungray Remix)
Apple Music YouTube (Audio)

Original Track: Teppei Kitano – Campagne
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Yorihisa Taura

Yorihisa Taura is an ambient music composer and guitarist who has been actively releasing guitar-based ambient/drone pieces since 2013. His compositions, including “Nocturne” (2014), “Poo-Tee-Weet” (2017), “Nightfall” (2018), and “Augmentation” (2021), have earned accolades for their hypnotic and meditative qualities among avid listeners of the genre.

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Teppei Kitano

Began his career as a musician in 2013.
Handles vocals and all parts in his solo project “Teppei Kitano”.
Currently active as a track producer in the alternative R&B unit “City Your City”.
“City Your City” achieved first place in the iTunes rankings. The total number of plays through subscriptions exceeds 5 million.
In addition to his activities as an artist, he is also involved in providing music to various artists and advertising media.

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Tia Rungray

Tia Rungray is the musical project of Noami Takayuki. Since releasing his debut album ‘Foresta’ in May 2013, he has been carving a niche for himself in the electroacoustic music scene. Tia Rungray’s music weaves together environmental sounds, piano, and noise to construct evocative portrayals of the human psyche. His work is influenced by the likes of Erik Satie and John Cage.

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