April 23rd – 1 PM SLT – 29 JST

Tia Rungray will perform on a special stage at Sakura Matsuri,

This second performance will be themed around the theme of cherry blossom viewing at night.

Sakura Matsuri2022の特別ステージでTia Rungrayが公演します。
第二回目の今回は夜のお花見をテーマにしたステージを予定してます。彼の演奏を, Sakura Matsuriの美しい桜の風景と共にお楽しみください!

Organizer: Team Okinawa

YouTube live stream

Sakura Matsuri in Ryukyu SIM Teleport

Enjoy his performance alongside the beautiful cherry blossom scenery of Sakura Matsuri!


MORE Laville of ++Twilight++


MAke a MArk

Tia Rungray

All informations about Tia Rungray in my “Interview with Artist”

New Singe “Cremation” is NOW available!

Website – Apple Music – Spotify – Amazon Music

Music: Tia Rungray
Art Work: Mimi Nakajoh
Mix, Mastering & Design: Takayuki Noami (Non-REM Studio)

The song “Cremation” was first performed by Tia Rungray at a live concert to celebrate the release of “MindgEsso” in June 2018, and has since undergone a number of live arrangements. Now it’s time to release it as a single version.
With a mainly post-classical approach, Tia Rungray has matured his sound by applying the techniques he tried on “Strukturo”, released in February 2021.


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