Ludwig Ahgren streaming on Twitch. It’s a close up of his face and he’s talking into a mic.
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The countdown to the YouTube sub-athon begins

YouTube Gaming has another new star in streamer Ludwig Ahgren, the popular streamer who started off on Twitch, where he gained notoriety for his consistently entertaining streams and his ridiculous 31-day streaming marathon. Ludwig announced his move to YouTube on Monday with a short skit that ends with the YouTube Gaming branding and the name of his channel.

The skit itself starts out innocuously with a few irreverent jokes as Ludwig and his friend are driving in a car. Eventually they park the car and get out and we see that it was purple the whole time. After a few more jokes, the purple car explodes and Ludwig and his friend get in a red car, commenting that it’s basically the same car anyway. When Ludwig turns on the radio, his friend asks if he gets in trouble for playing music, and Ludwig replies, “not in this car.” (A not-so-subtle dig about Twitch’s DMCA music issues over the last few years.)

Ludwig started streaming in 2019, and while he gained a following in 2020, his real breakthrough didn’t come until 2021. Earlier this year, Ludwig orchestrated an exhausting “subathon” where he promised to keep streaming as long as viewers kept subscribing. What started out as a bit that included him sleeping on stream quickly grew into a monthlong livestreaming phenomenon that wound up hitting the streamer’s self-imposed 31-day limit. During that stretch, Ludwig managed to set Twitch’s new individual subscriber record with 283,066. Since then, Ludwig has been one of the most successful and popular personalities on Twitch.

It’s worth noting that while Ludwig has enjoyed enormous popularity on Twitch, his YouTube presence was impressive as well — even before it became his official streaming platform. Ludwig’s channel is currently at 2.07 million subscribers on YouTube, and that’s before his first stream has even started.

Ludwig’s YouTube streams will begin on Nov. 30 with a question-and-answer segment.

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