On April 16th, 2023, I had the privilege of participating in an event that was both magical and empowering, and I am thrilled to share my experience with you. Muse Dance Co, “The Global Sisterhood of Second Life” hosted the “Pretty Girls Walk Like This” event, organized by the incredible Anu Papp, which brought together women from all walks of life to celebrate the beauty of sisterhood and the joy of dance.

As I entered the virtual space, I was immediately struck by the warmth and energy radiating from the women gathered there. From the first moment, it was clear that we were there to support and uplift one another, to share our creativity and our dreams, and to connect on a deeper level. The atmosphere was electric, and I knew that I was about to experience something truly special.

Anu started the event with a heartfelt message, welcoming us all and setting the tone for the next hour. She invited us to reflect on our priorities, to let go of our worries and stresses, and to embrace the present moment fully. And then, with the simple instruction to don black attire, we began to dance.

The choreography to the remix of “Pretty Girls Walk” featuring Tate McRae and the Joels Corry remix was stunning, reflecting our professional work and our absolute dedication. As we moved together, our bodies flowing in perfect harmony, I felt a sense of freedom and release that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. We were creating something beautiful, something powerful, something that would stay with us long after the event ended.

And then there was Mr. G, who captured the essence of the event in a breathtaking video. He showcased the smooth and fantastic moves of the women, capturing the energy and spirit of the event perfectly. Watching the video, I was transported back to that moment, feeling the rush of joy and excitement all over again.

But the event was about so much more than just dance. It was about coming together as women, sharing our passions and our creativity, and celebrating the beauty of sisterhood. The incredible group of women that participated in the event included heads of design, organizers, artists, and more, all of whom came together to support one another and to create something truly special.

I danced alongside Anu, Kat, Viola, Gin, Bela, Aealla, Ess, Fanny, Catherine, Alma, Pickles, Jaminda, Stevie, Maloe, Cae, Natalia, Tatiana, Funky, and Haiku, and each one of them brought something unique and special to the event. We laughed, we danced, we shared our stories and our hopes for the future. And in doing so, we created a bond that will last long after the event has ended.

For me, the event was made even more special by the presence of my sister Maloe and my friend Haiku, who danced alongside me and made the experience even more memorable. And then there was Catherine, one of the most inspiring photographers when it comes to black and white photography, who danced with such beauty and grace. Dancing with these women brought us closer together and reminded us of the power of sisterhood and friendship. It was an experience that I will cherish for a long time, and I hope to participate in more events like this in the future.

The Global Sisterhood of Second Life 2023 event organized by Anu Papp was a true celebration of the beauty of sisterhood and the joy of dance. It was an event that brought together women from all walks of life, all of whom were there to support and uplift one another, to share their creativity and their dreams, and to connect on a deeper level. It was a night filled with joy, connection, and empowerment, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. I look forward to attending more events by the Muse Dance Co and experiencing the magic of dance and sisterhood with this wonderful community once again.

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