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Are you ready for Valentine’s day? I am ready, especially this year, that I have a partner, yay. I am just kidding!

Like every year, you will not want to miss two critical events:
#1: The return of Isle of View, the annual Shop & Hop Event and
#2: The Dunk-A-Linden & Hug-A-Linden Event.

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The Isle of View is the annual tribute to all-things-romantic via four regions filled with forested walks, love nooks, and romantic swan boat rides.
As you can read by yourself on The Featured News in the Second Life Community section, this year, there are several updated Mesh and Windlight enhancements, improvements to the Swan Ride, and even some redesigned and new gifts!

The first place I suggest you visit, guys, is the Love Pavillon gift kiosks to browse through a variety of gift selection includes several new options. For example, heart lollipops and balloons, an adorable teddy bear, a chocolate box with rings, cutesy cupcakes, love lanterns, and, of course, romantic roses.

The Isle of View will be open to the public starting from February 6th until February, 23th.
During this period, you will get access to the four regions dedicated to this vast annual shopping event, with over 80 from your favorite designers!
You can find all the details on my blog; the link is in the description of this video.

Go around, take photos, and don’t forget to publish your pics on the Shop & Hop Flickr group also!

Finally, are you feeling “some way” about the Lindens? Show your love (or friendly aggression) for the makers of Second Life at the annual Dunk-A-Linden&Hug-A-Linden Event, held on February 14th from noon until 2 pm slt.

Just another reminder: in SL Destinations, you can find several locations dedicated to Valentine’s Day.
All the details and SLurl are on my blog.

Don’t also forget to follow “Love made in SL” the mini-series that talks about the true story of a couple who met in SL before finding true love in the physical world.

I do hope you will explore Isle of View, guys; it’s a vast and essential annual shopping event!
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I can’t wait to hear your opinions! Bye!

My Youtube Video about Valentine’s Shop & Hop Event


Valentine’s Shop & Hop Locations

  • Gleaming (open starting from February, 6th)
  • Tinseled (open starting from February, 6th)
  • Aurelian (open starting from February, 6th)
  • Gilded (open starting from February, 6th)

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Creators will give a 20% or more discount on items and have a free (non-group) gift for shoppers.

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