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I thought to realize a video tutorial about how to composite images taken in Second Life. Why is it so important? Why not merely taking a shot inworld without separating avatar and backdrop?

The separation is a great way to:

  • Modify the avatar position and dimension, so you can valorize it. This technique is adopted by fashion blogger since without it they couldn’t decide exactly what to show in the canvas;
  • Add lighting and shadows made explicitly for the avatar: this part is not so crucial since it’s possible to give life to high lights and shadows composition also inworld, but it’s something to take in mind;
  • Add a backdrop that in Second Life doesn’t exist: occasionally, I use some free copyrighted images for my backdrops, but not often, since to get the credibility, it’s essential using SL images. The difference between the two shots could be excessive, and this could carve negatively on the result.

My Youtube Video
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