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Creating your own windlight settings is not easy: you need to know lots of parameters in your viewer and practice, practice and practice again.

How you can set up your windlight in the easiest way?

I think that the easiest and better way is starting from a real image.

In other words, you use the lights you found in an image to set up your Second Life locations or simply your photo scene.

How? Let’s see together.

Open your image in Photoshop or other graphic software. In this tutorial, I use PS, since it’s the most used graphic software.

Let’s create a colors range from the sky using the dropper tool, from the darker to the lighter, in this way:

Colors Range using the dropper tool

Now that you have all your sky’s colors plus the sun’s color, go to Second Life.

I am using Firestorm Viewer for this tutorial. Go to World Ambient EditorSky Preset and choose Edit Preset.

You should have now a window like this one:

The Ambient Editor in Firestorm Viewer

Now, we need to know where to exactly put the colors we found in our real images. It’s easy, just follow this colors guide:

Colors Guide for Second Life

How to easily set up your colors?

Select the color you want to change and go to the “hex” tab. You can paste the color value you found in the PS’ colors palette. See this image to better understand:

Put this value in the Hex Tab (Ambient Editor in Firestorm Viewer)

Here you see exactly where the Hex tab is:

Hex tab in Firestorm Viewer

Copy and paste all values you found in PS to the Hex Tab in Firestorm and you’ll get exactly the same windlight settings of your image.

You will probably need to adjust the intensity parameter that will have an effect on the Hex value.

The hardest part is done! Now you need to experiment with the mist and the sun/moon dimension to find a better solution for your need.

I suggest to set up clouds with the same color as the sun, but with a lighter setting. This choice will let you experiment with a realistic colors mix.

Finally, choose your east angle, where the sun borns (where you see the sun in your sky).

Name and save your preset and you have finished!

Share an image of your beautiful sky presets in a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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Watch my Video Tutorial on Youtube

Video Tutorial
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