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Hi, guys,

A few days ago, I found myself thinking about why SL has been grabbing my attention for so long.
Have you ever thought about it? Why do you login to SL, what attracts you most? And what are the activities you do on SL? Who are your friends? Who is your partner?
In this video, I tell myself, I share my story with you, but I would also like you to show your SL with me. You can do this in a comment on the video or my blog.

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I joined SL 8 years ago after experiencing Opensim for a few years. In particular, I came from Osgrid, which still exists today, and which allowed me to have sims without paying anything. All I needed was a server. For an Osgrid malfunction, I suddenly lost everything, including my avatar. You can imagine my frustration after years of hard work.

So I chose to enter SL where, coming from Osgrid, everything seemed natural (a piece of cake, in short…). Actually, but I found out later, it’s not precisely in this way: even SL is complicated if you want to work earnestly, for example, the creators who sell (and earn) on the Linden platform do.

As I said, I came from a disagreeable experience: I had lost years of work on Osgrid (it was the crash of 2012).

At first, I explored the locations and shops: it was a new world, although not so different from Osgrid. Exploring I realized that the art in SL was exciting, and the creativity of the people was impressive! I wanted to be part of the art world, but not as an “artist.” I tried to promote it, you know.
I immediately thought of a blog where I could share my virtual travels.
So Virtuality was born, and it still exists today.

Of Second Life, I appreciate art, but also the creation of locations, environments. Lately, I especially appreciate this last aspect, to the point of creating The Cold Rose with Van.

My Post about The Cold Rose

I wondered why every day, even if for a short time, I enter SL and I want to do things. I think it’s because SL is like a blank canvas that gives you all the tools to fill it. How you fill it depends on you, of course. But at any moment you have the chance to erase what you have done if you don’t like it, and start again! And this is exciting!

Besides art and location exploration, I like listening to live music. I have met musicians and singers of great value who shared their talent for the sheer pleasure of it. Some of them can even make money, and that’s great news!

Finally, in the last year, I have dedicated myself to photography. The aspect that intrigues me the most is the creative one, so I love making photographic compositions in Photoshop. Mixing real images with images captured in SL is exciting, especially because SL is becoming more and more realistic, and this union of real and virtual is more and more credible!

Ok, I’ve bored you enough talking about me! I invite you to tell me about you, your story, your experiences, and impressions. Why do you enter SL? What attracts you most?
Say it in a comment!

See you in the next video. Bye!

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