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Celestial Demon’s exhibition, “Les Fleurs du mal,” is a beautiful tribute to women and their ability to flourish despite the storms of life. The six photographs featured in the exhibition capture the essence of different types of flowers, each with their unique characteristics and stories.

The first photograph, “Tulipa,” is a stunning portrayal of a flower that prays to the dawn. It is a symbol of waiting and beauty that flourishes in the unspoken moments of life. The elegance of the flower is juxtaposed with the jealousy of the moon, creating a beautiful contrast.

Tulipa by Celestial Demon

The prayer given to sight in the withering dawn.
The waiting corrupted by beauty at the end of unspoken times.
A mirage sculpted in the elegant indifference of a moment
without rancor in the presence of the jealousy of the moon.

The second photograph, “Convallaria,” is a delicate flower that bears ivory-toothed stars. Its secret existence in the shadows makes it a subtle beat in the midst of a thoughtless night. Its radiant lives are like a legion that adds to the abundant calm of an era.

Convallaria by Celestial Demon

The puny chalice bearing ivory-toothed stars.
The subtle beat of a secret born in the shadows.
A legion of radiant lives on a thoughtless night
in an era flooded with wild nests of abundant calm.

The third photograph, “Paeonia,” is a flower that whispers ancient thornless questions. Its mischievous song feels no shame and is carried by the wind that carries nobility in the bud. The nymph that carries the language of the flower has never known shyness.

Paeonia by Celestial Demon

The ancient whisper of a thornless question.
The mischievous song that feels no shame.
A wind that carries nobility in the bud,
through the caress of a nymph pregnant with a language that has never known shyness.

The fourth photograph, “Rosa,” is a flower that has melted into the meanders of a single ephemeral morning. Its love has been enslaved by a thousand thorns and submitted to victory. The fragrance of the ethereal past sighs as it guards the vulnerable treasure.

The kiss that’s melted in the meanders of a single ephemeral morning.
The love submitted to victory enslaved by a thousand thorns.
A past sigh from a never ending perfume of the ethereal,
heard only by the vulnerable guarded treasure

The fifth photograph, “Syringa,” is a flower that caresses after a long winter silence. Its medley of memories forgets itself and invites us to the secret places that submerge in the immensity. The candid essence of the deep garden is submerged in this flower.

Syringa by Celestial Demon

“The affinity that caresses after a long winter silence.
The medley of memory that forgets itself.
An invitation to the secret places that submerge in the immensity
the candid essence of thine own deep garden.

The sixth photograph, “Orchidaceae,” is a flower that transpires in her modest heresy. Its fragrance is buried by veils of light, and its invisible possibilities tint its desire. The flower puts roots in the void in search of the sky.

Orchidaceae by Celestial Demon

“A mystery that transpires in her modest heresy.
The fragrance of the shadow buried by veils of light.
A desire tinged with invisible possibilities
that puts roots in the void in search of the sky.”

Celestial’s exhibition is a beautiful tribute to women and their ability to flourish despite adversity. Each flower symbolizes different aspects of femininity, and the photographs capture their essence perfectly. The exhibition is a must-see for anyone who appreciates beauty and art.

We invite you to visit the Celestial Demon’s exhibition, “Les Fleurs du mal,” at the Art Gallery, Peaceful Mountains, curated by Onceagain, to experience the beauty and artistry that honor femininity and resilience.

Artist biography

“Allow me to introduce myself in a few eloquent lines. Although the precise cause or reason that led me to this illusory and boundless universe escapes me, I am acutely aware of why I remain firmly rooted here. The unfettered realm of creative expression, unparalleled exploration, and the select few individuals who embody true splendor, infuse me with the vitality necessary to plumb the depths of this vast ocean, to capture every nuance of color and divergent perspective.

I am profoundly grateful to these magnificent individuals, both for their blessings and their trials, for they have served to fortify my spirit. In moments of jubilation, I have acquired strength, while during times of anguish, I have transformed into a phoenix, rising from the ashes to begin anew.

I find myself drawn to the very notion of this universe, offering as it does, a canvas upon which I may paint the portrait of my soul, revealing my most intimate thoughts and emotions to complete strangers through mere photographs. Indeed, my presence here is driven by a desire for self-improvement, a yearning to know you and to expand my horizons.”

Celestial Demon

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