Experience the awe-inspiring exhibit of “Circles” by Gina Broono and DragonAngelvs’

AI-generated art, the Eroticus series.

“Circles” by Gina Broono and DragonAngelvs’

Gina Broono is a licensed architect and an art enthusiast who practices her craft in the captivating world of Second Life. Her work in architecture is heavily inspired by the minimalist designs of Tadao Ando, the creative engineering of Santiago Calatrava, the undulating lines of Zaha Hadid, the organic designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the engineering genius of Elon Musk.

However, her first love since the age of six has been fashion design, which prompted her parents to enroll her in a music and art school at the tender age of nine. After a year of film making and photography studies and realizing the challenges of fashion design, Gina arrived at architecture as a field of study. While still interested in fashion design, she enjoys watching fashion week haute couture presentations and marveling at the styles people create in Second Life, including designers like Rick Owens.

Gina’s latest exhibit, “Circles”, was inspired by a gracious invitation from Mr. Hermes Kondor, owner of the Kondor Gallery, to create an exhibit at a platform on his sim in the virtual sky. Her goal was to create a womb-like space that is protective, subdued, and relaxing while visually shielding viewers from the various skyboxes visible from the site.

The egg-shaped blue space has concentric circles above and below its transparent striped floor, representing reality on the lower level with a curvy, realistic female creation by Precious Restless, reclining and dreaming of being like the beautiful avatars dancing above.

The outside view reminded her of Etienne Louis-Boulle’s Monument to Newton, a curious structure she studied in architectural history and design classes decades ago.

Gina was also inspired to create the space to showcase DragonAngelvs’ AI-generated art, the Eroticus series, as well as to provide a platform for his original musical compositions.

DragonAngelvs is a self-taught Italian artist with a passion for artistic experimentation and strong themes, incorporating subliminal messages in his works to lead the observer to question various philosophical and metaphysical readings.

His works are a conception of female beauty in a fantasy and almost divine mystical key with chromatic work on psychedelic tones of color and composition, using various technologies including AI, digital painting, and recoloring with post-effects production.

DragonAngelvsintricate feminine composition with references to Klimt and Art Deco decorations is a challenge in the gaze of the female who seduces him and puts in new art-style decorations, with a paradoxical concept of feminine beauty using contrasting and decisive colors.

His original music can be found on YouTube and Flickr.

Together, Gina Broono and DragonAngelvs have created an exhibit that is truly breathtaking. The combination of Gina’s architectural expertise and DragonAngelvs’ artistic vision has resulted in a stunning exhibit that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this innovative and captivating virtual art exhibit.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this innovative and captivating virtual art exhibit.

Gather your friends, and visit “Circles” exhibition in the Kondor Gallery curated by Hermes Kondor.

Gina Broono – Biography

“I am a licensed architect and a lover of art who solely practices within the captivating realm of Second Life. My architectural work and interests primarily center around minimalism, which is inspired by the stark and austere concrete shapes of Tadao Ando, the innovative and creative engineering marvels of Santiago Calatrava, the undulating lines of Zaha Hadid, the organic designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, and other notable architects, culminating with the engineering genius of Elon Musk.

Fashion design has been my passion since the tender age of six. My parents noticed my artistic abilities and enrolled me in a music and art school when I was nine years old. While studying film making and photography for a year, I realized the challenging nature of fashion design and eventually transitioned to studying architecture. Despite this shift, I still hold a keen interest in fashion design and enjoy observing haute couture presentations during fashion week. I find myself drawn to the work of designers such as Rick Owens and am equally captivated by the fashion styles that people showcase in Second Life.”

Gina Broono

Gina Broono

Dragon (dragonangelvs) – Biography

“I am an Italian artist who is self-taught and has a strong passion for artistic experimentation and powerful themes. My artworks always contain subliminal messages that encourage the observer to question the various philosophical and metaphysical interpretations of my artistic creations. My influences are drawn from the masters of abstract painting and futurism, with hints of impressionism, and I use bold and contrasting colors.

Regarding the meanings of my artworks, I strive to depict female beauty in a fantastical and almost divine mystical manner, through my use of psychedelic tones of color and composition. In creating my art, I have utilized various technologies, including artificial intelligence, digital painting, and recoloring, with post-production effects.”

Dragon (dragonangelvs)

Art Promotion

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