DiXmiX at the mystical Coven of Crows

28 November 2021 – 12 PM SLT

Dear Friends,

join us for one exclusive event at the mystical Coven of Crows!

Chillaxing with DiXmiX

Coven of Crows Teleport

Coven of Crows Teleport

“Coven of Crows is a place between worlds, ruled by crows and magical souls. This is both a place of storied journeys and a community space to gather and connect. There is an undercurrent of the mystical, a world beyond this one where crows have taken over a long-forgotten magical land. – Created and owned by Sena Hartsong

Spend time exploring, hanging out in the gathering place next to the Full Moon club or the old library cave, or taking photos. It’s meant to be a place for contemplation, creativity and great music and dancing when events take place.

The Coven Of Crows Group

Join the group for rez rights and to be up to date on announcements for upcoming events.

I ask that you only rez what you need to take photographs and then please pick up after yourself.

This is also a Moderate sim so please be mindful of that.

Coven Of Crows Flickr Group

Join the group and please share your photos. I’m dying to see what you create.

Coven Of Crows Discord

Join to chat, meet others and get updates on Witchy things like the latest astrological report or photography or the latest music event.

Sim Rules

Be kind to yourself and others.
It’s a moderate sim, act accordingly.
Enjoy your time here!

A Shout Out

Putting a sim together takes a lot of time, thought and energy. I had tremendous help from Rock Scholessinger who did the majority of the terraforming that became the skeleton for my build. Huge gratitude alwaysl

Soulstice Ecliptica created this beautiful video. Deep thanks for the beauty!

Then there are those friends who spent so much of their time listening to me lament about this place and how much I wanted the process to speed up, but it just never did. Thank you. I love you. And your support means the world!

Misc House Keeping

Questions can be directed to me, Sena Hartsong .

And please leave a note in the sign in book at the landing point. I’d love to hear what you think of the place!”

Dixmix Source – Curator – Dixmix Gallery – Flickriver

Art Promotion

Violet Boa
My responsibilities include planning, implementing, and managing PR strategies as well as organizing and managing various PR activities. A natural part of my work involves arranging interviews and coordination, researching and collecting opportunities for partnerships, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, influencers and bloggers, as well as supporting the team members of my client in communicating and running a campaign. My top ten topics of interest are fine art, photography, design, digital art, music, performing arts, literature, science, mindfulness and a positive attitude. I'm a thinker & observer & I love all the things I do. Multilingual. Independent. Strong true character, kind, brave, thoughtful, humble and proud person who loves humor, positive attitude & Advanced thinkers! If you would like your event to be published on VIRTUALITY, feel free to contact me!
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