June 1st – 1 PM SLT

The Akipelago presents,

EXOPLANET 2 – “On the Way Back” by Gem Preiz

Musical accompaniment by Dixmix

We hope you will be able to attend the opening event, and we look forward to welcoming you!

EXOPLANET 2 – Akijima – Teleport

EXOPLANET 2 GRAND OPENING featuring music by Dixmix:

While Exoplanet 1 featured the crew of a space mission preparing to explore extra-solar planets, Exoplanet 2 stages it on the eve of its return to Earth. There is a vast, futuristic space station to visit: comprising many sites with animated and interactive objects; a gallery of fractal images representing planets and their landscapes; and a gallery of SL photo-sketches.

You will receive a Teleport and Windlight HUD during your visit.

Please join us for 2 hours of music by Dixmix,

dance, conversation and most of all exploring this vast installation!


Graphics: Ultra with advance lighting model. (a lower graphics setting will work, but some skies might be spoiled with poorly defined suns or moons)

Windlight: Use Shared Environment. Upon arrival, you are provided with a Windlight HUD to add, which enables you to choose different skies when you cam outside the orbital station

Distance: 120 m maximum inside, 500 m or more when you cam outside.

Particles: maximum

Media: automatic if possible, you may need it in the cinema.


A Teleport HUD is also given upon arrival. It provides you with the main destinations inside the orbital station.

Teleport spots can also be found in various places with dedicated destinations: either as white buttons on walls; glowing pink columns; or as teleport discs on the floor. Related hovertext mention the destinations of these teleports.

Orbital Station locations:

Agora: main gathering and connecting place, with access to upper and lower galleries (fractals and SL photos), a restaurant where you can order meals, and facilities to get missing huds.

Services level: access to the Medical center; Training center; Cinema and Offices with many interactive devices (medical equipment, gym, movies etc.).

Hibernation room, Reactor, Communication center, Data center, Main control room, Supplies:

touch and test whenever you see a “hand” icon. All these places are located along the vertical axis of the orbital station and must be accessed with the Teleport hud or Teleport spots.

Ring modules: all around the central Agora and galleries are 4 gates leading to a circular inner corridor that serves 16 external modules including: Arrival, Cabins, Laboratories, Rescue, Warehouse, Drones, Spaceships, and Boarding. All modules contain many interactive devices where you can: rest in cabins; contribute to experiences; launch drones and follow them on radar; pilot spaceships around the station; test emergency systems; and finally leave the station to reach Exoplanet 1 with the main Shuttle.


Wander in the galleries and watch

16 fractals (8 unfriendly planet + landscape), illustrating sites visited by the crew during the mission

8 SL landscapes sketch-like photos illustrating real sites on Earth, as a reminder of how friendly and precious is our planet.


Please note that Exoplanet 1 & 2 are connected.

Indeed the Teleport HUD provides the option to visit directly different places in Exoplanet 1. You can also teleport to Exoplanet 1 ground site from the shuttle that you can board at the Boarding Module. Come back to the orbital station with the same shuttle from Exoplanet 1.


Astronomy is a science that makes you dream. The observation of distant objects transports us in space and time, and leads us to ponder the origin of the universe and the possibilities of hosting extra-terrestrial life there. The discovery of exoplanets in 1995 opened up a new field of exploration which could undergo even more spectacular development thanks to the new James Webb telescope. The enthusiasm for their discovery was nourished by science fiction stories, now legitimized by the proof of the existence of these worlds.

Scientific rigor has succeeded this immoderate craze and has now imposed precise and segmented classifications of some 5,000 exoplanets discovered to date, listing increasingly restrictive criteria and prioritizing them according to whether they allow the development of life as we know it, without even taking into account those which would make a human presence possible or not.

Forgetting for a moment the vast distances that separate us from these extra-solar worlds, Exoplanet 1 staged the beginnings of their in situ exploration. Exoplanet 2 presents the mission on the eve of its return to Earth, reporting on the visit to some worlds with inhospitable reliefs and conditions for humans. By contrast, a gallery of familiar terrestrial landscapes reminds us of the simple evidence that the most suitable universe for man is the one from which he was born.

Because if the study of exoplanets is an essential discipline for what it can teach us about the universe, and for the awareness that it can generate in humanity in case the existence of life is discovered, it should not obscure the urgency of preserving our planet the Earth, by dreams of unrealistic conquests.

All relevant information about Exoplanet 1 you will find here: Exoplanet 1

Read more about Gem Preiz and his work in our Interview

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EXOPLANET 1 – The Akipelago Teleport

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