Contest dates:

Midnight SLT, Friday, October 16 through Thursday, Nov. 18, 2020 11:59 PM SLT


5,000L – Grand Prize
2,000L – Best Avatar(s) Photo
2,000L – Best Scenery photo
1,000L – Honorable Mention

Sim Info:

The Sim Quarterly hosts different artists every three months to showcase their sim-wide, creative works in SL. The Artist in Residence is a creator and dreamer who has built an experience for the SL community! This quarter (October 2020) is a scenic installation designed, curated, and posed by Elizabeth Jewell, with an original soundscape concept and experience by Electric Monday.

Photo contest rules:

  1. You must be a member of The Sim Quarterly Flickr group and submit your entry to that group with #GhostsOfJerichoContest in the title in addition to your title.
  2. All entries must contain a SLurl to The Sim Quarterly.
  3. Photos must be taken and submitted during the the contest dates. Photos taken prior to or after those dates will not be accepted.
  4. The content of the photos can be anything you like as long as

*it’s clear the photo was taken at the installment, Ghosts of Jericho, at The Sim Quarterly
and adheres to The Sim Quarterly region rules.

This rule is subjective and it’s up to the judges’ discretion to determine this. Photos taken from previous installations at The Sim Quarterly or at other sim designs by Elizabeth will not be accepted.

  1. Each person may submit up to two photos to the contest. You may submit as many photos you like to the group during and after the contest period, but only two for the contest. If a person submits more than two photos with #GhostsOfJerichoContest in the title, only the first two photos submitted will be accepted unless requested otherwise via IM in world to Electric Monday.

Other info:

If you wish to rez any objects to assist with your photo, The Sim Quarterly is a free-to-join group that allows rezzing (and set home to here.) There is a group joiner at the entrance. Please be kind and pick up any rezzed objects after you are finished. Rezzed objects not in use will be returned and should appear in your lost and found – The Sim Quarterly is not responsible for lost items (see The Sim Quarterly rules – attached).

Photos do not need to be submitted to any category. It will be up to the judges to decide which category each photo fits best. As such, “Best Scenery Photo” doesn’t mean it can’t include avatars, and “Best Avatar(s) Photo” doesn’t mean it can only include avatars. NOTE: If it is not evident that you are on the sim your photo will not be considered…example: a closeup photo of your face with the background blurred out does not make it obvious that you are at Ghosts of Jericho.

A photo can only win one category, so if the photo includes both action and scenery, the judges will decide which category to consider it for. This also applies to the grand prize, which is what we determine to be the best of the bunch.

Winners will be announced at the Photo Contest party on 22 November 2020 at Noon SLT.

Have fun- enjoy exploring – Remember, the ghosts may visit the typewriter once in a while, so if you have been “following” their story make sure to see what’s new periodically!

Best of luck to everyone, and happy snapping!


The Sim Quarterly Flickr Group:
The Sim Quarterly Second Life Group: secondlife:///app/group/3d893674-889a-94bb-712f-35f6ccc5a2e1/about

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