“Graffiti: Photos by Mojave Shepherd and Kerry Streeter”

Official opening: 18 February 2021 – 7,30 PM SLT – 9,30 PM SLT

Music set by DJ Calli (Callipygian Christensen)

Second Looks Gallery Teleport

“The exhibition consists of over 50 RL photos of graffiti, roughly half by each photographer, taken over the past ten years in cities across the U.S. and several other countries. We are well aware that the true artists here are the mostly anonymous street artists who have so utterly transformed urban life. The Banksy’s and Shepherd Fairey’s are well known, but street art is an utterly democratic medium—and also an ephemeral one. Our aim is to document it before it disappears, and to celebrate its anger, wit, irony, social and political energy, and utter subversiveness.

Kerry Streeter & Mojave Shepherd

We have long enjoyed each other’s approach to photography. Several years ago, we exhibited simultaneously at an earlier iteration of the Second Looks Gallery on Kelly Yap’s Art Walk. At that time, we discovered we both enjoy seeking out and recording graffiti.

Equis by Mojave Shepherd

Mojave has been walking around with a camera of some sort or another most of his life. He uses his camera as a tool for “seeing” as much as for making photographs. Seeing is about a state of awareness; an increased capacity to notice and to appreciate the taken-for-granted. The view finder becomes the catalyst for finding new views. Street art and graffiti are favorite subjects of Mojave’s photographic attention. They sometimes shock, sometimes delight but almost always invite the viewer to stop to consider. Like all true art, they are created to both express and evoke. The images in this collection are offered in praise and gratitude to the nameless artists who caught his eye. Mojave hopes they do the same for you.

All that Glitters by Kerry Streeter

Kerry finds the graffiti she photographs during long exploratory walks through neighborhoods in the city where she lives or while traveling. She admits the real artists here are the anonymous figures who create these exuberant, scathing, bitter, and celebratory images as they signify on institutional and corporate space. Her photos document these fugitive public statements before they are painted over or otherwise destroyed.

For further information, contact Kerry Streeter.


Second Looks Gallery

Welcome for the beauty of Graffiti!

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