Jinx from the Imagine Dragons music video for the League of Legends’ Netflix series Arcane
Image: Riot Games

Enemy is the second song the band has done for Riot

Arcane, Netflix’s animated League of Legends series, has a new music video that includes an original song from Imagine Dragons and JID. The “Enemy” video was released on Tuesday ahead of the series release on Nov. 6.

The music video and song focus on Jinx and the parts of her childhood that led her to a life of crime. Most importantly, the video features a few key scenes of the falling out between Jinx and her sister Vi, which seems like it will be the most important relationship in Arcane’s story. Enemy also features a brief cameo from Imagine Dragons themselves in animated, League of Legends style.

The music video was produced by Riot Games and Fortiche Productions, the animation studio that Riot has partnered with for the larger Arcane production — and the same studio that produced the first Jinx-centric music video, “Get Jinxed” back in 2015.

This is the second time that Imagine Dragons has collaborated with Riot Games on a new song. The band previously wrote the song “Warriors” for the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. The band also performed the song live at the 2014 Worlds finals, and are fans of the game themselves.

The first three episodes of Arcane will be released on Netflix on Nov. 6, with the three new episodes releasing each week after that.

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