From yesterday evening 23 February at 22:30 Italian time, therefore 1 PM SLT, the photographic exhibition of Indigo Claire is open at the VIBES Gallery. The title of the photographic exhibition is “Behind The Horizon of the Soul.”

If I had to define Indigo’s artistic performance in a few words, I would say that this exhibition is characterized by realism and sensuality.
The first aspect that is evident to the observer is the remarkable realism of the avatar presented in the artist’s images.
Looking at some of them, the realism of the forms is impressive, in particular, the body of the immortalized avatar. Even the face is expressive, although it is the face of an avatar. Besides, in most cases, when looking at avatar photographs, the shape of the body is not perfect: Artists often fix lines and inaccuracies using Photoshop or similar programs.
Of course, I don’t know if Indigo corrected her images through graphics programs; however, the quality of the starting image is undoubtedly high, as a graphics program is not able to convey realism to a photo that has none at the start.

As I anticipated, sensuality is undoubtedly another of the main aspects of Indigo’s photographic exhibition. Some images are strongly allusive and have an intense erotic charge.

The protagonist of this photographic exhibition is the dark-haired woman, with dark eyes and an intense gaze. A beautiful woman whose intimate moments are immortalized by an “intrusive camera.” One aspect not to be overlooked is the accuracy in the choice of poses that Indigo has made in a commendable way. I don’t know if the artist creates her poses, or if she buys them, what is certain is that the positions that the avatar takes are very realistic, credible, and definitely in tune with the contextualization of the image.

Indigo’s art exhibition is hosted by the VIBES Gallery, which is in a very well-made grunge context. I also recommend visiting the photographic exhibition close to that of Indigo’s one, entitled “It’s not about the pictures” by Sunset Theas, and to take a ride along the urban streets that line the various galleries, being the setting made with care and abundance of details.

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