Keep Calm and BBQ


Shirt: Cold Ash – Hawthorne Shirt @ TMD (June 5th – 30th)

Pants: Cold Ash – Holloway Jeans

Candle: THOR – Amalfi Gacha Set – Tin cup candle


Pose (with match): Animosity – 141


KraftWork – Backyard BBQ Gacha @ Arcade (June 1st – 30th)


        Backyard BBQ – Barbecue Kitchen

        Backyard BBQ – Barbecue Table

        Backyard BBQ – Barbecue Chair 

        Backyard BBQ – Wooden Boards Clutter 

        Backyard BBQ – Wine Bottles Clutter 

        Backyard BBQ – BBQ & Wine Wooden Board 

        Backyard BBQ – BBQ Place Setting 

        Backyard BBQ – BBQ Meat & Veggies 

        Backyard BBQ – Lounge Fruits & Wine Clutter 

Other items

Wine cooler: KraftWork – Wine Cooler (with dispenser) 

Backsplash: hive – cozy kitchen – backsplash 

Floral decor: MADRAS – Peafowl Floral Decor Brass  @ Arcade (June 1st – 30th)

Kitchen utensils: BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Kitchen Gacha – Utensils II  @ Arcade (June 1st – 30th)

Watermelon pancakes: andika – Miam Gacha – Pancake/Watermelon @ Arcade (June 1st – 30th)

Samovar: Nutmeg – Dacha Teatime Samovar & Sushki @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

Jam: Nutmeg – Dacha Teatime Raspberry Preserves @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

Cups: Nutmeg – Dacha Teatime Stacked Cups @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

Cherries: Nutmeg – Dacha Teatime Sweet Cherries @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

Tea infuser: Nutmeg – Dacha Teatime Tea Infuser @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

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