In the run-up to the launch of Larcenauts, Impulse Gear’s new multiplayer hero shooter, the studio had said the videogame would support Oculus headsets as well as SteamVR; without mentioning any PC VR headsets in particular. When Larcenauts arrived on Steam only Oculus Rift was supported with Valve Index and HTC Vive notably absent. In an update this weekend that compatibility has been sorted.


On launch day Impulse Gear responded to queries, saying: “Unfortunately we ran into an issue with UE4 and SteamVR compatibility so it is Oculus only for now.” Thankfully, SteamVR users didn’t have to wait too long for a fix with patch 1.04a rolling out over the weekend. This now means Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index all work for Steam users, although Windows Mixed Reality is still absent.

Thanks to the expanded headset support the studio has included cross-play lobbies so friends can play together no matter the headset. All Oculus or Steam players need to do is enter a player’s unique lobby code to join a friends lobby.

Now that’s all sorted it should be easier to enjoy Larcenauts’ team-based multiplayer with matches consisting of 12 players in teams of six. Game modes consist of capture-the-flag-style DroneHack, the territory defending Refuel and some classic team Deathmatch action across four maps Relay, Excavation; Blight, and Hazardpay. Players are able to select from eight character specialists, from Evander the sniping specialist or Thal, a robotic guardian who specializes in defense and suppression, to Chi the group medic, each suiting various gameplay styles.


Find a favourite character and you’ll be able to customise further finesse their skills with a progression system as well as unlocking new cosmetic upgrades.

As Impulse Gear continues to refine Larcenauts and add new features, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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