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I love communication in all its aspects. I like to share my experiences, explorations, and knowledge with the Second Life community. I created the VIRTUALITY blog and 360 GRADI Magazine with this goal in mind.
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2 thoughts on “Second Life Guida allo Shopping: EQUAL10 GIUGNO 2021

  1. Dear Oema, please participate in your blog.i and make this comment.
    I’m SL already 11 years old and I have my Foundation for Life uf SL Project
    I campaign with specific goals on Cancer Prevention and Treatment in annual RFL of Second Life Campaigns.
    I’m very fan of your Blog and Posts, done with great Seriousness and bringing topics that interest me for my SL Life.
    Congratulations dear friend, your professionalism and talent ..Big hug.Luna;)

    1. Dear Luna, thank you so much for your comment ♥ I am glad you found my blog useful for your Second Life, this is my target, indeed.
      Hugs and see you soon in SL 🙂

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