I’ve received today an email from Linden Lab™ informing me of the news about the LEA project evolution.
I don’t hide that the answer satisfies me since the decision of LL is oriented to give everyone equal chances to be involved in the active part of the project.
Here is the text of the e-mail.

Dear Oema,

Thank you for your expressed interest in the Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA) program. As this program comes to an end we are considering our options to move foward with Arts Program support. Once a decision is made on how best to support the amazing talents within the Second Life community we will post a public blog so that everyone will have an equal opportunity for involvement.

Thank you for your support of The Arts in Second Life,

Linden Lab™

I think it is essential people who have been part of the SL artistic community for a long time have the opportunity to apply for the new project (what will be its name? To understand each other, we keep calling it “LEA”).
In my previous article, I highlighted the thoughts of the community and some ideas about the new project. I also expressed my views about the importance of an employee of the LL like a supervisor.
This involvement would be useful to avoid disagreements in the management team and would allow choices in line with the quality standards that an important project like this requires.

We have to wait for the decisions of the Linden Lab™ and give our availability as soon as possible.
I will publish updates about it as soon as I know about it.

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