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It’s been 23 hours since Roxy Gellar published a preview on my Facebook group dedicated to art and culture (Art And Culture in Virtual Worlds Community). I’m talking about the birth of MEA (Moon Endowment For The Arts), a project that comes from the collaboration of individuals. The people interested in this project are all known in the artistic environment, and I confess to being very happy with their initiative and enthusiasm. I leave the presentation of this project directly to Roxy:

This Fall a new partnership has been created to support the arts in Second Life. No one private group can match LEA’s former resources, no longer available to our communities. We hope to provide inspiration for artists, musicians, and events organizers like ourselves who must seek alternatives to LEA.

In the coming weeks we will announce dates for some of our favorite artists for the fall and into winter. New Moon Events is the virtual home of Jan Pulsford’s Electronic Music Sunday Events from Great Britain. First to sign on with MEA was Terra Merhyem and Rage Darkstone. Kerupa Flow was next to accept our invitation for space at Moon Endowment for the Arts. Photographer Rofina Bronet will debut our Primary Colors Gallery with musical guest Ultraviolet Alter. Following Rofina’s showing is the Album Art of Jana Kyomoon and my birthday celebration with Jana Kyomoon’s Moonday.

We hope that our efforts will be inspirational for others to also provide alternatives for installations and events no longer sponsored by LEA. More to follow!

Roxy Gellar

I asked her for some more information and Roxy answers me:

The concept at its heart is an alternative to a permanent venue. gallery, or other (prim heavy) build. We offer those but the focus will be to provide our resources to a monthly installation or build event.

These MEA sponsored installations may be in place for a day or in place for a month on a case by case basis.

In addition, a gallery will also be available. As will a performance space for particle shows to accompany Electronic Music Sundays. We also offer the option to some DJs and musicians to rez their own venue per event up to 750 prims.

Roxy Gellar

For a sneak peek preview use the teleporter → MEA

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