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The Island That Is Not There is born from the ashes of OTIUM; this is how the co-owner of the location Franz Markstein explains to me (secondlife:///app/agent/a959ad32-fee1-4219-86f7-59ea85cd2c54/about). The region designer, however, is Coralile (secondlife:///app/agent/1cf878d2-5017-47f1-b12c-c3fe5463e477/about), who, in Franz’s words, did the actual furnishing work.
I confess that I did not know OTIUM, and with difficulty, I managed to find some old photographs from the Franz himself Flickr (who was the owner of OTIUM).

OTIUM - Leisure & Laziness_011

The Island That Is Not There is, in fact, the island of dreams. A place of well-being, peace, and harmony that probably exists only in fantasy and Second Life.
As I told Franz, I appreciate the meticulousness of the furniture and the ability of Coraline to assemble the various objects creating a harmonious and credible structure.

Franz had not mentioned that he was the owner of OTIUM, while I asked him how the idea of The Island That Is Not There was born.
A not insignificant detail because the sim that was the inspiration was precisely his original creation.
I was able to find some images, as I said, of OTIUM and in fact, some corners and the structure and overall style are identical.

At the arrival point, you will find icons that invite you to follow the location events: Flickr, Youtube Machinima by Inworlds Film, and the invitation to the inworld group.
The group is essential for the rez and useful to photographers and bloggers. Membership costs only 50 L$, so I think it’s very convenient.
The light settings of the region are rich in contrasts of light and shadow, but I also invite you to try CaIWL by changing the east angle. You can obtain impressive results. I recommend that you have the shadows active, whether you use Black Dragon or any other viewer.
Finally, explore, explore, and more explore. There’s a lot to see and photograph.


The Island That Is Not There

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