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Mon Joli Cadeau, an attractive place for art lovers

I was looking for new places to explore, and so I opened Second Life Destinations. I’m usually informed about new locations, but it’s been a long time since my daily engagements diverted me from virtual tours.
As is often the case, the image chosen to represent the location in Second Life Destinations caught my attention, and so I decided to visit Mon Joli Cadeau.
Upon arrival, I received a warm welcome from the owners of the sim, Yoh, and Avalon Boa. The region is tastefully decorated, which is something you will notice immediately upon arrival. Also, the owners take great care of the artistic and musical aspects, devoting care, attention, and time to organize live events that have a nice following of people.
The art galleries hosted by Mon Joli are enchanting, and the art on display goes well with the architecture of the region itself.
Besides, in Mon Joli there are several shops of well-known brands that represent an additional reason for interest.
For all those who are interested, I report in detail the musicians, artists, and shops that are at the location.
For any information, owners are often present on the sim and willing to help.


Showcasing Artists

Live Singers

  • Virgil Flowers
  • Vinalyn
  • Merkabah
  • Phil Setner
  • Eth Tedeshi
  • Kaleb Avedon  


  • Risa’s Shapes       Avatar’s Shapes
  • Abigail’s               Women’s clothing
  • GEMYLES              Women’ / men’s  clothing
  • GO MAKE UP         Make up,  Tattoos, eyes 
  • CHOP ZUEY          Couture jewelry
  • FLOWERDREAMS   Women’s  clothing
  • Tori’s                    Women’s / men’s clothing


Mon Joli Cadeau




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  1. Oema I don’t know what sort of camera you are using : ) but I sure want one! Thank you for the gorgeous pic of my Salon!


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