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Art in Second Life is experiencing a period of strong disconnection, in my opinion. Since the LEA project closed, the minimum connection between artists, gallery owners, and art lovers has generally disappeared. In itself, the closure of LEA is not a drama; I agree with those who have commented on the news without pathos.

LEA was an exciting project, full of initiatives that involved and passionate many people, intriguing even those who were not particularly lovers of virtual art. I do not underestimate the importance of the LEA project. Although with some hiccups already described, it has carried out a connection, a stable reference point for all art fans.

However, LEA no longer exists. The LEA 2.0 project, originally started by Tansee Trillium, is also archived (all members of the inworld group have been ejected, some of whom had actively participated with suggestions and ideas for the development of the 2.0 project). It is nobody’s fault; the LEA project could not continue because it started between LL and a specific group of people. Since those people were missing, the project also fell out. It doesn’t mean that other people cannot start a new scheme in collaboration with the LL, but at the moment everything is silent.

So, what is the future of the art sector in SL?

Do we like the current situation, or do we want to improve something?
In my opinion, the most worrying aspect is the strong individualism that characterizes the single art gallery or the unique art project.
Individualism means isolation. It implies aridity and creative narrowness.
Moreover, the isolation of individual projects leads to an inherent attitude of competition between artists that hurts creativity itself. Business does not get along with artistic creativity that develops in quietness, without haste, and competitive stress.

LL is paying attention to the content, enhancing the value of bloggers, vloggers, photographers and anyone who produces high-quality content (and with the launch of SLBN I have better realized that many people can publish interesting content).
I think that a similar connection could be enjoyable also in the artistic field, through integration with groups and inworld discussion.
Besides, gallery owners and artists would see their content enhanced and actively participate in discussion groups.
Do you have ideas, suggestions? Do not hesitate to write me a comment or contact me inworld (secondlife:///app/agent/922461f1-2a8d-43ab-8f15-1ff27fa92075/about).

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One thought on “Art in Second Life: what’s next?

  1. I understand that it’s very difficult to stay informed of everything that is going on. There are things happening that you may not be aware of. First, yes, LEA closed. Tansee and I both worked very hard in LEA 2.0 to try to avoid it.

    I am not a believer in spamming people left and right with notices and group messages, so many may not be aware of current opportunities. In order to continue communications for artists, galleries and other art related opportunities, LEA 2.0 had be be closed because of the LL name in the group name. I started a group called United Artists of SL. The group is present inworld and on Facebook by the same name. It has a more generic flavor as it includes people that were not involved with LEA also. It’s a warm environment. Very relaxed. And it grows everyday.

    I have made land available for people to create, perform and exhibit on. There are opportunities. It’s not a lot, but I am trying. Maybe there have been setbacks and things didn’t go as we had hoped, but there are still opportunities out there.

    Feel free to contact me any time.

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