RuthAndRoth is an opensimulator community collaboration, to bring free open source mesh bodes to opensimulator grids. It is a teaching project, begun in 2018 by Shin Ingen . There have been many volunteer collaborators since.

The Ruth and Roth mesh were originally modeled by Shin Ingen using ZBrush. The mesh and vertex weights are licensed under AGPL, which means that you can do whatever you like with them, but if you distribute them you must include a link back to the source GitHub repository, and if you make modifications and distribute them, you must donate your modifications back to the GitHub repository. The UV maps are based on Linden Lab’s default avatar UV map island layout. To do this work I used armatures from the viewer xml files found at Linden Lab viewer releases which I replicated in Blender to use for vertex weighting, and the Avastar plugin for dae exporting. The current active forum is at Discord, more comments are at the GitHub repo.

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