"Void of Silence" by Megan Prumier @ V I B E S Art Gallery

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Yesterday March 2, Megan Prumier inaugurated the opening of her photographic exhibition at the V I B E S Art Gallery.

The artist exhibits a series of very realistic photographic nudes, which portray the same woman, a voluptuous female form with red hair and light eyes. Megan gives importance to lights and shadows. In particular, the shadows seem to define the shape of the body, and the lights highlight the female forms that communicate eroticism. More generally, we can say that in her images, there is a play of lights and shadows that make the body of her model statuary, ethereal, and almost sacred.

“Void of Silence” by Megan Prumier @ V I B E S Art Gallery
“Void of Silence” by Megan Prumier @ V I B E S Art Gallery

The title of the photographic exhibition is “Void of Silence,” the meaning of which can be doubtful. My first thought was that the void of silence was related to the fact that the woman is alone. It’s just my idea.
The red of the nail polish further highlights the red of the hair; moreover, the rather marked eye make-up suggests a woman confident of her femininity and erotic charge.

As I said, Prumier, in this photographic exhibition, uses only one model, whose shapes are highlighted by a sophisticated play of light and shadow. Another effect that seems interesting to me is the soft patina that characterizes each image. This soft filter applied at the end of each image seems to convey a certain modesty, which contrasts with the markedly erotic tone of each photo.

“Void of Silence” by Megan Prumier @ V I B E S Art Gallery
“Void of Silence” by Megan Prumier @ V I B E S Art Gallery

I don’t know if Prumier has applied a filter of this kind. However, the feeling the images convey to me: eroticism in the subject, the exaltation of the body through lights and shadows, modesty in the overall suffused effect given to the picture.
As always, I leave the useful references to visit the performance of Megan Prumier at the bottom of the article.

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