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I created a new Preset Camera Raw for Photoshop: this time, the style is Underground: I invite you to use this preset both for the images you post on Instagram and for those you want to give a particular style to.
In this post, I will explain how to install the preset and how to use it. The filter is customizable, so concerning the image you are working on, I recommend changing some parameters that I will indicate to you.
So let’s proceed in order.
The first thing to do is open Photoshop, import the image you want to edit, go to filter >>> Raw camera filter (ALT + CTRL + F) >> click on the four lines to the right of presets and, finally, on load settings.
Look at this picture to better understand.

Filter >> Camera Raw >> Load Settings

Once the preset is loaded, you can find it at the following path:
C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings
Here you can add all the presets you want, even the ones you decide to download from the internet. If instead, you want to apply one of the presets that you have already saved, you have to go to Default:

Camera Raw >> Default

At this point, you can choose my filter, selecting Virtuality Blog Underground, and clicking on apply.
At the bottom of this article, you will find the link to download the preset.
Below I leave you an image where you can see before and after applying the filter.
You can freely use this preset; I only ask you to quote me as an author using the following sentence:

Camera Raw Preset by Virtuality.Blog >>
Before >> After the Underground Camera Raw Filter

Let’s see now what are the parameters that I recommend you to customize concerning the image you are working on.

I advise you to pay attention to the necessary settings. In particular to exposure contrast lights shadows whites blacks clarity vividness and saturation.
Remember, in particular, that if you increase the vividness, it is crucial to decrease the saturation. Otherwise, the Underground effect is lost.
Instead, in HSL, it is essential to increase the orange hue value and decrease the red hue value. These parameters can be customized concerning the image you are working on.

Download the Preset


My Black and Orange Camera Raw -Free to download
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