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“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” James Allen

Dear Friends,

You inspired me during the whole 2020 Year with your Art, encouragement and endless loving support!

Few people have the privilege of having such a supportive and giving Friends.

Therefor please accept my warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness, words of comfort, art, music, help and support in 2020.

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Artist promotion 2020

Dixmix Source, Maloe Vansant, Mistero Hifeng, Nok Kirax,

Patrick Ireland, Milena Carbone, Senna Coronet, Bamboo Barnes,

Mrs S & Mr S, Cecilia Nansen, Kai Kohime, Luis Vasconcelos,

Vitor Pi, Kody Meyers, Etamae, Sandi Benelli, Mareea Farrasco,

Eminy Roddenham, Carisa Franizz Cari, Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost,

Ilyra Chardin, Norton Lykin, Kerupa Flow, Antonio Camba, Yoon Yoon

Deyanira Yalin, Fiona Fei, Romina Schimpf, Hvidstoej / Thomas Ravn Thomsen,

Lucas, Katrine Larsen Mosbæk, Friedhard Meyer, José Manuel Perea Perdiguero,

Karina Zothner, Susana Lopez F, Carlos Arroba Díaz, Dúnia Vera,

Megan Prumier, Edie Horngold, Theda Tammas, Moon Edenbaum,

Cybele Moon, Sisi Biedermann, Charly Keeley Keating, Kalliope Bennet,

Caly Applewhyte, Vroum Short, Elle Thorkveld, Sina Souza, Gitu Aura,

Barbara Borromeo, Adwehe Resident, Colpo Wexler, JudiLynn Resident,

Rage Resident, Jolie Elle, Monroe Smithson, Kubric Flux, Elin Egoyan,

Donna Giordano, OnO Zinner, Fiona Leitner, Layachi Ihnen, Ini Inaka,

Harter Fall, Ub Yifu, Veuns Flow, Olimpe Rhode, Darcy Resident, Akim Alonzo,

Leko Catnap, Bria Stone, Johan Lioheart, Asia CioTToLiNa, Dido Petra Haas,

RoMy Resident, Xirana Oximoxi, Starax Statosky, Nessuno Myoo, Swamp Fox,

Arduenn Resident, Jipe Loon, Sominel Edelman, ReyCharles Resident, Elle G,

Tani Thor, Pipit Peacedream, Eva Burroughs, Eylinea Seabird, Harry Cover,

Talullah Winterwolf, Fifi Oh, Vicki Shim, ToySoldier Thor,

Jessamine2108 Resident, Milly Sharple, Raven Cedarbridge, bf2 Shepherd,

Belice Benoir, Pit Banx, Hariahna Resident, ZackHerrMann Resident,

Milly Sharple, Nir McBride, Hermes Kondor, Moki Yuitza, Aneli Abeyante,

Cherry Manga, MeshCow, Kisma K. Stepanich-Reidling (kismaksr),

Lis (lisisme.dubrovna), Moya Patrick (moya.janus), Kriss Lehmann,

ĤöĽŷ (qutsal.alex), Jennifer Steele, Maddy (magda schmidtzau)

Adelina(adelinalawrence), Paradox Mercury, Chapichapo Delvalle,

Gabriel Redrose, Carelyna, Magda Schmidtzau, Jipe Loon, Imaginary Footprints,

Vanessa Jane, Traci, Exal Grut, ViktorSavior de Grataine (viktorsavior),

Monique Moni Beebe, Natalie (natalie.starlight), Moora McMillan,

Nils Urqhart (Paul MAURICE in RL), Michiel Bechir, Emanuela Mina Arcana.

AmberWild, Talloulah Warra, Wicca Merlin, Lorys Lane, Key Monk,

Paola Mills, David Silence, V!o, Anouk Lefavre, Miu, GlitterPrincess

Art Galleries promotion 2020

Dixmix Gallery “the place to be”Michiel Bechir Art GalleryPM Gallery

La Maison d’AneliKondor art CenterItakos Project Nantes Gallery

Nitroglobus Roof GalleryAnders & Moora GalleryDragon Sanctuary

Third EyeDiotima Art GalleryClub LA GalleryRill’Arts Gallery

L&L Art GalleryLundy Art GalleryThe Carbone Gallery

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DJ Promotion 2020

Dixmix Kastor Troy Noirran MarxJadeYu FhangElectric Monday

Booka BNadja NevilleOliver LoewLandra BeerbaumJill Agresti

Ramel MarkovaPEPPAH SPICEWolf AustroneFuyuko Wintergeist

DJ Dox ferdy (ferdynand.straaf)JM – FreakshowLoegan Magic

hEINBoo (Betty Tureaud)DJ Lichi Moonwall

Musician Promotion 2020

Tia RungrayRulie Cisse Dandi PianomanKaleb Avadon

SoJuKaNoUGina WatanabeCerfeuil FaltaБезу́мная Макса (dasha1981)

Angelinka Nezhnaya АнгелИнка НЕЖНАЯ (angelinkanega)Hiroshi Kumaki

Djembe Dragonfire

Art Promotion Partner 2020

Dixmix Gallery Webseite

Dixmix Gallery Flickriver

Dixmix Gallery Facebook

Dixmix Source – Curator

Dixmix Gallery “the place to be” Teleport

Tia’s Web Event Page

PayPal and JP

Info Group in Second Life

Apple Music

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360 GRADI inworld


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???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? Founder Oema

Noir’Wen City & –Ñïéü™- (nieuwenhove)

Lundy Art Gallery and Museum & Lee Olsen


Dear Oema,

I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your knowledge and responsibilities required for a project like ours. You showed tremendous character by keeping cool and always helping to make sure everything got well done even during hard and busy times.

I utterly love loyalty, ethics in our friendship and been truly blessed with one friend like you and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between us!

Wishing you and Van Loopen and whole 360 GRADI Magazine Team,
Merry Christmas and happy new Year!

Art & Music Promotion Virtuality Blog

This year has been satisfactory and full of success stories to feel proud of…. I hope that the coming year brings along more positivity, health and growth for all of us.

We have always worked with commitment and dedication and these qualities have helped us come very far. Let us make this upcoming year another successful year.

Let us begin this year with new hope, new targets and new projects to write new stories of success… May our professional relationships and friendships, grow and prosper in this coming year with our love.

Let us synergize and make it a wonderful, successful year for Art!

As we are nearing the end of the year, it is our chance to spend some quality time with our family. May this time of the year be truly blissful and enjoyable to all of us.

To all my Art Friends, Musicians, DJ’s, business partners and my best Friends:
Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a fantastic and prosperous New Year!

Stay blessed and safe!

Image by Maloe Vansant

Violet Boa P.R.

Special thanks to my best Friends,

Even though situations, times and life have changed over the years, but our friendship is still the same as before.

Thank you, dear sister Maloe for my warm and soulful “Sl home”,

Dear brother Nok thank you for my beautiful “SL office”,

Dear Burk thank you for your support from day one of my SL,

and above all thank you all for being such a great friends of mine.

I appreciate your love, kindness, thoughtfulness, mindfulness and support!
Thanks for being a part of my life my dears.

May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles and meaning of this Merry time. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the New Year. Wishing you a season of blessings and happy new year!

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Art Promotion

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Next post Merry Christmas, hoping in a better 2021

6 thoughts on “Thank you for artful year 2020

  1. Violet…. No words can replace the feeling of gratitude and admiration that we feel for your fantastic work, for your commitment so deep and complete, for your enthusiasm so full and for your clear-sightedness so sensitive.
    Hope that we will still develop our collaboration further in 2021 ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you dear, Oliver! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Wishing that the magic of the season be with you and your loved ones always. Looking forward for great collaboration in 2021!
      Stay safe dear friend!

  2. Dear Violet… We were happy in 2020 to meet you and to work together… We met a beautiful person… sensitive, enthusiastic, brilliant, committed without limits and a great lover of artistic creation. Thank you for everything. We wish you a happy new year 2021 with the hope that we will have even more beautiful projects to share…
    Belice and Nieu

    1. Dear Nieu and Belice, merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Have a sensational time no matter what you do this holiday season and be sure to ring in the new year with excitement! As Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” and I look forward to one busy and great 2021 with you! Thank you for your beautiful words dear Nieu, you know there are friends, there is family and there are friends that become family, like you do.

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