Thank you!

Our dear Second Life Friends,

On behalf of The Akipelago Team and artist Gem Preiz

we sincerely thank you for your time, encouragement,

endless support and appearance at grand opening of

EXOPLANET 2 – “On the Way Back” installation build by Gem Preiz!

Yesterday for the offical opening we was honored to have more then 100 visitors!

This fantastic support from all of you, give our artist new energy and prove once again that creativity and love have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul & delight the heart on the noblest way!

Your support dear Friends, is greatly appreciated!

Our special thanks go to our amazing SL Blogger´s:

Diomita and Jenny Maurer’s Blog

Art Korner by Frank Atisso

Living in a Modem World by Inara Pay

I wish to express my personal thanks for the extra time and effort you have devoted to writing amazing blog´s about Exoplanet 1 & 2 – and with them have shown such great support for art and artist.


My profoundest thanks to Strawberry Linden for continuously advancing, sharing and supporting art projects in Second Life.

Thank´s to all!


Violet Boa – The Akipelago Islands PR

Short info

For all of you who have not found the time by now but would like to visit the new installation:

While Exoplanet 1 featured the crew of a space mission preparing to explore extra-solar planets, Exoplanet 2 stages it on the eve of its return to Earth. There is a vast, futuristic space station to visit: comprising many sites with animated and interactive objects; a gallery of fractal images representing planets and their landscapes; and a gallery of SL photo-sketches.

You will receive a Teleport and Windlight HUD during your visit.

Our cheerful welcome and we wish you to enjoy this unforgetable experiance!

EXOPLANET 2 – Akijima

All relevant information about Exoplanet 1 you will find here: Exoplanet 1

Read more about Gem Preiz and his work in our Interview

Follow, Gem Preiz on Flickr

Follow, Akiko Kinoshi – Owner and builder of Akipelago Islands

Art Promotion 

Violet Boa
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