The “Icons of Fashion” Show

30 May 2021 – 9 AM SLT

The “Icons of Fashion” Show

Host: Fortunate Szondi


Come see some of the Grid’s most Iconic Designers, Models and Art Makers.

Frolic Mills
Callie Cline
Ponchituti Boucher
memole Giha
Salvo Waydelich….and many other Icon’s of Fashion. Come see how we do it.

Our show celebrates the people that created the fashion, the art, and models that display it. Come see what they chose to wear representing their phenomenal achievements of Second Life’s Fashion and Art scene.

Agency Creators, Miss and Mr. Virtual Worlds, Miss and Mr. SL and so many more of those that influenced fashion and art in Second Life.

Icon’s of Fashion Show

We’re gathering the most iconic men and women that have been involved and love the fashions that they either created or worn or showcased.

Currently walking in group:
Frolic Mills
Callie Cline
Ponchituti Boucher
memole Giha
Misoindite Romano
Red Jess
Jamee Thompson
Risa Bright
Chelsea Malibu
Thera Taurog – (Lady Thera)
HoneyBear (Honey Crisp)
Sally Yachvili
Nino Heartsdale (HJ)
Ludmilla Umarov
Laura18 Streeter
Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manoban 리사 (Olyvia Zenovka)
Ona (Ona Waffle)
Lιαм Rєєѕ Ɲєтιzєη (Liam Netizen)
N I C H O (Nicholai Shepherd)
Salvo Waydelich

It’s about the clothed not the clothes. Which means it’s about the models themselves and the fashion they love.

Our concept is to showcase the individual style of each asked to walk. We want YOUR style, your favorite outfits, the ones that say you are the Icon.

I’d like to have 3 walks. One formal, one casual and one Dealers Choice. That’s our only structure. You chose what you want to show.

Our venue will reflect an elegant Asian style calm, pleasing, and fit for and Icon.

Fortunate Szondi

Art Promotion

Violet Boa
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One thought on “The “Icons of Fashion” Show

  1. Absolutely fantastic that the one and only Mankind Tracer is being included as an Icon and that you are going out of only Fashion. The man IS SL music. Everything we see in SL in music is a result of what HE did, the bar HE set and the heart he has! He is an Icon in every sense in my opinion. Good for you for getting him in and God bless him for once again taking the time from his probably very busy schedule to give back to SL once again as he always does.

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