Interview with Artist 2021

“Love and Art have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul & delight the heart on noblest way.”

Violet Boa

Interview with Artist 2021

Lika Cameo

“Who are we” by Lika Cameo


“Crops in black and white” by Adwehe

Mareea Farrasco

“Painting the salience” by Mareea Farrasco

Maloe Vansant

Gem Preiz

“No Frontiers” installation by Gem Preiz

Catherine Nikolaidis

Awesome Fallen

“Regrets” by Awesome Fallen


“May your kind heart find the land of gold” by Etamae

Anu Papp

“My forever” by Anu Papp

The interviews are intended to portray the “soul of the artist”

and I hope you all have fun reading and discover some new interesting information about artist.

Milena Carbone

Lifting her gaze by Milena Carbone

Celestial Demon

Blue Tsuki

“All the songs we never sang” by Blue Tsuki

Dixmix Source

Photo by Dixmix Source

Michiel Bechir

Konall Vika by Michiel Bechir

Jennifer Steele

Over the falls by Jennifer Steele

Tia Rungray

Tia Rungray

Tutsy Navarathna

Resigned by Tutsy Navarathna

Melusina Parkin

Double Tree by Melusina Parkin

Bamboo Barnes

Where do we go by Bamboo Barnes

Nils Urqhart

A winter tale by Nils Urqhart

Aneli Abeyante

Photo by Aneli Abeyante

Moki Youitza

Fading by Moki Youitza

Edie Horngold

Egg on my face by Edie Horngold

Honey Bender

After the bath by Honey Bender

Theda Tammas

Apsara by Theda Tammas

Harbor Galaxy

Cast off by Harbor Galaxy

Vallys Baxter

Paint it black by Vallys Baxter

Ambre Singh

New Mexico by Ambre Singh

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