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Disturbing and liberating at the same time is the new exhibition of Theda Thammas entitled “Resilience” hosted by the beautiful Amsterdam sim 2.

Upon arrival, a local chat message may want to change the settings of the environment in night mode. This environmental setting allows you to focus your attention on the Thammas works, without being distracted from the context that hosts them.
I think the structure that hosts the sim is very realistic and well done. It is in particular of a church, and Theda placed her artworks at the central nave.

Theda Thammas

I visited the sim a few times: at first, respecting the instructions given and setting a night mode, the second, however, leaving the classic environmental settings of Second Life® in day mode. I liked both versions because even on the second occasion I was able to appreciate the sculptures in context, look not indifferent. It is hard to believe that works so disturbing and sending a strong message and unconventional, can blend well within a Church, a symbol of classicism and tradition for excellence. I liked this contrast bittersweet.

Theda Thammas

Theda speaks of “resilience” and sculptures are represented, women. In particular, women who suffer, in a context of painful tearing and caging.
The artist represented the laceration through the manipulation of the woman’s shape, its elongation, the modification of her traditional forms. The caging through the chains which women are inextricably linked.
The same form of woman is also “shattered” and the woman’s body, forced to take difficult to maintain positions, exploding blood.

Theda Thammas

By matching the title of the artistic choice of Theda Thammas to represent it in this particular way, the sense of the message seems to be that the woman, in today’s society is the one that adapts to each others’ needs, tearing herself just to satisfy external requests. Such requests can come from other people, but also by the same society that values the woman all-purpose, her multi-functionality.

In psychology “resilience” means the ability to overcome a traumatic event without succumbing. A form of mental elasticity that leads to survival always and in any case.

Theda Thammas

A perfect-woman which of course it does not exist or can exist, if not generating to the real-woman a great malaise.
Theda masterfully represented this malaise with her performance “Resilience.”

Slurl Detail

Amsterdam 2, The New Church

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