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Monday, July 1 Linden Lab announced everywhere for the official pages the changes that introduce Tilia.

What is Tilia?

Tilia is a wholly owned subsidiary of LL. It efficiently manages the ever-increasing and complex needs of operations within Second Life.
The opportunity to use Tilia stems from the need to comply with U.S. laws and regulations and to be in tune with them regarding financial transactions.

Wha’ts new?

Beginning on August 1, 2019, Tilia will take over certain aspects of the Second Life service. Tilia enables Linden Lab to continue the Second Life service in its current form through enhanced regulatory compliance protocols.  To achieve this, Tilia will assume responsibility for managing your USD denominated account, which will be referred to as your “Tilia Account.”  After August 1, Tilia will handle process credit requests and payments made from your Tilia Account. 

Effective August 1, in order to continue using Second Life you will have to agree to Tilia’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  A Tilia Account associated with your Second Life Account will automatically be created for you and you will not need a separate username or password to access your Tilia Account.  

To stay in compliance with regulatory requirements, if you wish to process a credit, we will need certain personal information to verify your identity, including your name, address, date of birth, and social security number (or government-issued identification if you are not a U.S. Citizen).  You may be required to provide additional information to complete the transaction. Tilia will securely store this information so that you should only need to offer it once.

Additionally, please note that customers under 18 years of age will not be able to process credit after August 1, 2019, until they reach the age of 18. 

As always, Second Life remains free to access and enjoy!  However, if your Tilia Account is inactive for 12 months, we will charge your Tilia Account a fee to the extent permitted by applicable law.  If you have questions about the inactivity fee, please see Tilia’s Terms of Service.

In other words? I have to pay more?

No, it’s all like usual. The only aspect different is that if you leave your account inactive for 12 months, you have to pay a fee. Let’s try to clarify this point that gets in a panic many people.

About the inactive account (accounts that don’t do a transaction for 12 consecutive months, from the Terms Of Services we can read:

If you have funds in your Stored Value Balance and have not made any transfers to or from or otherwise accessed your Stored Value Balance for a period of twelve (12) months, your Stored Value Balance will be deemed an “Inactive Account.”  Other forms of access besides a transfer include, for example, a balance inquiry or accessing your Account.  Unless prohibited by applicable law, we reserve the right to deduct from any Stored Value Balance that is an Inactive Account a fee in the amount of the lower of (i) the amount set forth in our Fee Schedule or (ii) the balance of funds in the Inactive Account (the “Inactivity Fee”). The Inactivity Fee will be charged each successive month for as long as the Stored Value Balance is an Inactive Account.

We will provide you notice, in the form of an email to the email address you have registered with us at least three (3) days before any Inactivity Fee is deducted from your Inactive Account.

We will deduct an Inactivity Fee from your Stored Value Balance each month until one of the following events occurs:

  1. you make a transfer of funds into or out of, or otherwise access, your Stored Value Balance, such that it is no longer an Inactive Account; or
  2. the balance of your Inactive Account reaches zero; or
  3. you process a credit from your Stored Value Balance to a permitted account as described in Section 3.3.3 above.

For the avoidance of doubt, you may process credit or make payments to the relevant Provider out of your Stored Value Balance at any time, even if your Stored Value Balance is an Inactive Account.

Panic, why?

I am not sure why people got in panic hearing about these news. I suppose for the inactive accounts fee. About this, let’s clarify that:

  • You will be informed at least 3 days before your account will be inactive in a few days.
  • You may process credit or make payments to the relevant Provider out of your Stored Value Balance at any time, even if your Stored Value Balance is an Inactive Account.

I’ve just read a nice post in the Second Life Community about the generally panic on this thread: Too Many Compliants!

How can I process my credits?

You may go to Your Dashboard → Credit Process. At the end of the page, you see a button named Request Process Credit.

More Info? Yes, here you go

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