Fall Trace, the quiet before the storm

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Fall Trace, owned by Elvira Kytori, reminds an apocalyptic landscape.

Wanting to define it in a few words, I would say “the quiet before the storm.”
The colors of autumn and the surreality of walking on water give the visitor an immediate sense of peace. This feeling offered by the landscape is so generously accentuated by the houses, furnished with taste in their incredible simplicity, and by the lights of what seem to be meteors that are going to touch the planet. Time seems to have stopped as if the imminent danger could not come because everything is still as in a heartening snapshot.

Fall Trace_005

Elvira has considerable experience in creating landscapes with a substantial emotional impact. Her aesthetic sense allows her to develop sensible scenes, even if surreal. Visiting her sims that look like three-dimensional paintings readily comes to mind a narration, a story to tell or photograph.

Fall Trace_003

Traffic in Fall Trace is high. The houses are all rented, and public spaces are often full of people who, like me, love the landscape and take pictures. For information about homes available for rent, contact Elvira or consult her marketplace.

Fall Trace_004


Fall Trace

(Be mindful of the rented houses).



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